Witches vs Fairies

While I had been visiting with Crux; Dale, Eliya and Mika had continued the quads training. It had been abandoned for a while after my Grandmother’s death but continued when I was no longer in the house.

All of the toddlers had learnt at least one skill before I had left and all had nearly finished with their potty training.

By the time I was due to come home all their training had been completed.

Dale admitted later that he had lost control of his condition a couple of times.

I could understand why that had happened. Even under the best of circumstances looking after quads can be stressful and when you added that he had been worrying about me as well, I thought he had done well.

When no one had been in the nursery to stop him, Josef had started to steal candy from the toddlers.

I’m not sure where the candy came from but Josef still managed to steal some.

Little Tuck was horrified that his older brother was evil enough to steal his candy.


When I had finally arrived home from the campus it had been late and everyone was already in bed asleep. It was a relief to not only be sleeping in my own bed but to have Dale next to me once again. I had no sooner laid down and closed my eyes when Dale had pulled me into his arms.

“Welcome home” he murmured into my hair. “Missed you”

I could tell he had already gone back to sleep. “Missed you too” I whispered back, before giving in to my exhaustion.

In the morning I finally woke up and made my way downstairs.  I was immediately confronted with the chaos that was my family and I loved every minute of it.

“Ready for birthdays”, Dale asked when I entered the kitchen.

“Birthdays?” I asked , shocked. ” I missed so much.”

“Not that much” he assured me.

Mika and Eliya came downstairs holding Sari and Tuck, when they reached me Eliya transferred Tuck to my arms before getting ready to celebrate the babies birthdays.

“Happy Birthday little man” I said to my youngest son.”Are we ready to become a big boy?”

“Yes, Mama” Tuck cooed.

Tuck aged up revealing that while he had received his father Christopher’s colouring, he mostly took after me. He received the Workaholic trait.

Sari soon followed receiving The Good Sense of Humour trait.

After Dale and Eliya retrieved the remaining two quads from the nursery and they too celebrated their birthdays.  Little Hilde received the Perceptive trait and you could already showed that she was going to be a blonde version of me.

The last of the Quads to age was Joslyn.  It was hard to tell under her ghostliness but I think she may be one to look the most like her father. She received the Never Nude trait.

We still had more birthdays to get through with my twins boys ready to become teens.

Jarid aged up receiving the Mean-Spirited Trait. Noooooo! Sorry ignore this…

Josed aged up and received the Workaholic trait.

After everyone had celebrated, Jarid like Rolan before him took the opportunity to exercise his newly received mean-spirit by yelling at his older sister.

I somehow don’t think that he thought it all the way through and even he seemed to be regretting his outburst when he was on the bus surrounded by two very upset and vengeful fairies.

Josef escaped the drama his twin had created by taking his own mode of transportation to school.

With all of our children safely on their way to school, Dale and I took the opportunity to spend some time together without interruption. 

Unfortunately when the kids all came home the older children’s relationships with each other continued to deteriorate rapidly.

It wasn’t long before powers were used and a bad situation became even worse.

Eventually, in an attempt to calm the situation all the kids were asked if they had finished their homework and when only one of the quads was able to say yes, the rest were told to sit down and make sure theirs was done.

Once homework was completed both sets of twins retreated into separate rooms to discuss the days happenings. Jarid and Josef took over the now vacant nursery to plan.

While the girls remained in the kitchen voicing their concerns as to just what their brothers were up to.

And just to add to the chaos that seemed to be overtaking the household,  all four of the quads imaginary friend dolls took their first step to becoming real.

The children had all gone to bed when Dale finally got around to telling me something that he had known for days.

“I’ve been waiting for the right time to tell you that we are grandparents again”, he told me.

“Well, of course”, I told him. “I get new grandchildren all the time”

Dale just looked at me as if I was missing something, and I slowly repeated what he had said in my head.

“….you said we?”, I finally said.

“I did”


“Bael’s girlfriend just had quads” Dale informed me, “he promised me he would send us a picture when he gets a chance”


A/N:  Lucia and Dale’s youngest child Bael is currently appearing in Mewmewmentor’s story Queens’ Hive. I think at this point Hive is slightly ahead in its timeline with the babies being born while Lucia was at university with Crux. So if anyone wants to see what Bael is up to, the chapters in which Bael appears begin here. 😀

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4 thoughts on “Witches vs Fairies

  1. Ha! I have to say I enjoyed the chaos the evil twins brought on themselves :p. evil sims amuse me

    Also loved previous chapter with crux but was on phone and hate commenting on phone. I was just thinking i love crux during that.

    • When they all sat in the bus and both Mika and Eliya just stared at Jarid, I couldn’t stop laughing to be honest. Considering only three kids ever show up in the bus it was just perfect. I am loving Jarid and I couldn’t stand Rolan by the end of his time in the house, only reason I liked Rolan was that he gave me Crux. Must be the evil trait in combination with Mean-spirited. lol

      lol, thanks.When I was making Marshall in CAS I was trying to work out what I wanted him to wear and as soon as I got to the suit I thought of University. I wasn’t sure who I was going to send Luc with. Originally, it was going to be one of the girls but I couldn’t decide who. So glad I decided to send her with Crux instead. 😛 The girls couldn’t have pulled off half of what Crux got away with.

  2. I loved the sibling war with the evil twins. Evil sims are fun to play with. I’ve played with 3 so far.

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