Past and Present

I had come home from my last trip with very mixed feelings. The entire experience had also left me feeling manipulated. Even the activities that usually helped me stay focussed, calm and relaxed seemed somehow tainted and for the moment even the usually soothing activity of adding paint to canvas wasn’t helping.

Both Mika and Eliya had been happy to see me when I had arrived home. Mika had been the one that had filled me in on what both she and her twin had been up to and  their ongoing discovery of their many in-born abilities. I didn’t have much to add to their discoveries. While I was somewhat familiar with what they could do, I only had previous knowledge of Arella and Caraline to draw on and both Mika and Eliya seemed to have gotten that far on their own.

My daughters had also discovered that Mika had a few added talents that Eliya had so far been unable to replicate. This made me question whether Mika had inherited more than just her wings from her father.

While I was gone Dale had organised a broomstick arena for Josef and Jarid.

He confided with me later that it had been a way to try to keep the boys busy and not plotting with and against  each other.

While I had been away Dale had discovered that both of the boys were witches and he was worried that this combined with their shared evil trait could cause trouble in the future.

I feared that he might just be right. Lindsay had already had a couple of run-ins with her youngest great-grandchildren. Josef in particular seemed to be developing a difficult attitude.

While in Riverview it had been lovely to see my father again, even if he did look more transparent and orange than I had remembered. He had been more aware of what had been happening in my life than I had ever realised and he had obviously been checking up on me from time to time. I found that thought comforting.

My encounter with Christopher however had left me with a feeling of guilt,  something that I had never experienced before. In one way I didn’t regret what had happened, if I was going to have children it was always nice if I at least liked the father and knew him a little. I often didn’t and Chris and I had a history and not a bad one. It had been good to see him, really good but emotions from our previous relationship had still been there, even after all this time. What I felt for Chris was nothing compared to what I felt for Dale but I still had felt something and that was where the guilt came in.

I’m sure that Dale could tell I was still working through some issues with the latest trip. I had already told him some of what had happened, not all, but some. I had mentioned seeing my father and meeting an old friend but I had left out the details.

I felt horrible about not telling him everything but it had been part of our deal, he really didn’t want to know about the other men and I really didn’t want to tell him. I had never been particularly comfortable coming home pregnant with other guys children.

“You seem tense”, Dale said, turning me around slightly so he could massage my shoulders. “Are you okay?”

“Yes……um no? I don’t know?”, I wailed. Great, apparently now answering even a simple question was now beyond me.

“Okay? I’m going to take that as a no” he replied, taking my hand and pulling me towards the rug in the corner of the room. “Do you want to talk to me about it?”

“I don’t think you want to know”

“Maybe not, but I think that maybe you need to tell me.”

“It isn’t part of our deal, its one of those things we were not going to discuss. Remember?”

“Luc, the deal is rubbish and you know it. It’s just an excuse I put together to convince you to give me a chance.”

“It’s still not fair to you. What I put you through, it’s not right”

“Maybe not but it was my decision. Mine. I wouldn’t change it” he told me, “Do you want to tell me?”

“Yes” I said softly. We were both quiet for a while, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to say, I was relieved he was giving me a little time to think it through.

“Okay, umm?” I started, taking a deep breath before I continued. “You know how I said how I saw an old friend in Riverview?”


“What I should have said that  I saw an old boyfriend in Riverview” I confessed.

“Okay?” he asked, my hand dropped to my stomach briefly,  as I watched his eyes followed my hand before he looked at me again. “It’s his baby? he asked.

I nodded, “Chris and I were only teenagers when we dated. I don’t even know why we broke up really. I broke up with him and then I moved. I couldn’t give you a logical reason as to why? It just feels like I pushed into it by something that I didn’t understand at the time. By this!” I waved my arm around gesturing to the entire house. “I just feel a bit weird about it is all. I mean he’s dead now, right? A ghost. I didn’t even know he’d died. ”

“Do you still love him” Dale finally asked.

“No, there are still some feelings there but no I wouldn’t say I still loved him” I answered simply, “I do love you, though”

“Is that it?”

“Yes. Am I overacting, do you think?” I asked, after he helped me to my feet. “I feel like I’m overreacting”

“Maybe?”, he laughed.

“Hey!” I shoved him away, both of us walking towards the stairs leading down to the rest of the house.

“With what happened when you were a teen. Honestly? I’d be wondering too. It seems that there is so much about this destiny of yours that you know nothing about.” Dale finally answered,  taking hold of my hand and giving it a squeeze. “As far as any of that concerns me. Yes. You’re worrying too much, you’re very much stuck with me. Feeling any better now?”

“Maybe,  just a little” I replied. “Thankyou”

It wasn’t long after my discussion with Dale that the babies were due to arrive. Mika was the only one who freaked out this time. Dale seemed strangely calm. He might be finally getting used to seeing me in labour. This time I did take pity on him and allowed him drive me to the hospital.

It wasn’t to long before we were home with the new babies. First born was Hilde  who was born with the traits Clumsy and Friendly

Followed by her brother Tuck  who Loves the Outdoors and is a Light Sleeper

Little Joslyn is Absent Minded and Artistic

And finally Sari who was born with the traits Excitable and Athletic.

A/N: I think Dale might need to lay off the weight bench. I swear he’s so much bigger than when I made him in CAS and I just got a notification that he received another working out related achievement. If he’s not with Lucia or one of the kids he’s usually in the gym or on the basketball court. 😕 Also, this has been the first pregnancy since the start of the Dale/Lucia storyline that Dale received the betrayed moodlet. I don’t really know how Lucia got caught out this time, she was on the other side of town. I thought I might as well write it in, even if Lucia is more worried about it that Dale is. 😛

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8 thoughts on “Past and Present

  1. Aww the quads look cute, I think my favorite right now is Sari. Ha Dale got the betrayed moodlet that is kinda funny, Great chapter! 😀

    • Thanks, they are cure. I wasn’t expecting quads…again. Hopefully they are the last for this generation or it’s all over. 😛 Only one really looks like Chris in her facial features, it’s one of the ghosts and I forget which one. They do all have his blonde hair though. 😀

  2. Sweet chapter and cute Quads. If Lucia has enough points give her the No Jealousy reward and Dale won’t feel betrayed when she gets with the challenge guys. I gave it to Liam and there’s no trouble when he has two woman (or more as will be the case in the harem section) in his house.

    • Thanks. I keep forgetting that reward, Lucia has nearly all of them. I wonder why I haven’t given her that one? I’ve never had a problem until now though so it might be the next one she gets. 😀

  3. Wow — another set of quads! What are the odds?!? You’re right about Dale. He’s definitely looking buff. 😀

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