Fairy Fun

A/N: Just warning everyone that this update contains a lot of Eliya and Mika Picture Spam. They are adorable as teenagers and their brothers seem to be doing NOTHING at the moment while the girls are into EVERYTHING. 🙂


While my grandmother and I had been visiting in Riverview Dale had been at home looking after the Children. He was lucky that there were only four children in the house currently and none were of the age that needed constant supervision.

Although, he did receive a lot of requests for bedtime stories from both Josef and Jarid.

Mika and Eliya were busy playing Fairy Style.

They spent a lot of time in their tiny sprite form chasing each other around the house. It is one of those times that it would be helpful if they had each inherited different coloured wings. 😛

Both Eliya ans Mika are extremely curious, between them they seemed to have tried every activity possible. Thankfully, while I was away Dale insisted on Homework being done first.

Every afternoon after school Eliya and Mika took to finishing their homework in the hallway. Not even bothering to venture any further into the house until it was complete.

They seemed to be doing okay academically but their minds often wandered to the playtime that was awaiting for them.

Josef and Jarid sometimes didn’t even bother coming home to start on their homework. Often finding quiet places to work out the front of their primary school.

Once the girls were free from their homework, both girls spent time using the gaming system in the rec area.

Eliya even had Jarid there quietly keeping her company.

Mika was the first of the twins to discover that she was able to ‘cheat’ while using the claw machine.

She spent nearly an entire afternoon taking the items that she wanted.

I really thought she was past the age where she would want a toy car, but maybe she is just taking it for one of her little brothers?

Of a night Mika liked jumping on the trampoline.

I think she likes being outside under the stars. I had a much better pic of this lined up and then my game crashed. 😦

I’m really not sure how much Dale saw of them while I was away as they both seemed to enjoy sleeping in the fairy house.

Each of the twins have one activity that they enjoy more than anything else. For Mika it was dancing. It didn’t seem to matter what type but if there was music playing in the house Mika could usually be found dancing to it.

She also seems to have discovered the dance that her older sister Caraline loved to pieces. The Smustle.

I somehow think that Mika and Caraline would be the best of friends.

For Eliya, her favourite activity is Basketball.

She spends at least an hour out there every day working on her game.

She really seems to enjoy playing.

After being away from my family for a couple of days I was so glad to be home. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Fairy Fun

  1. The girls are so sweet, I just adore them, does Mika have sparkly skin? Eliya seems like a pretty good basetball player, Great chapter!! 😀

    • They are. 😀 Yep, she has. Mika has a custom alien skintone, it has a sparkley/scaly kind of effect to it. Eliya is at that basketball hoop at least once a sim day, I think that the only one who has spent more time with it is Dale. 🙂

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