That Old Feeling – Part 1

“Wow! Riverview, its been forever since I’ve been here” I said to my grandmother as we passed the town boundaries. “What exactly are we doing here again?”

“I just wanted to visit” she told me, “I got lucky really, up until recently I had only lost one child . So as time is now marching on I think its time to visit, don’t you?”

With that statement I realised what we were doing here, in the town that I had grown up in.”I don’t want to see the house!”, I said starting to panic.

“Relax Lucia, we aren’t going to see the house.” Lindsay said, “Turn right here”

We had just come up on the road that would take us over the bridge and into the middle of town. After a couple of more turns she finally told me to pull over.

“Just here”, she indicated. “We will need to walk from here”. And we did through the park area that I only vaguely remembered from my childhood.

“Oh” I sighed when I finally caught sight of the cemetery up ahead.

“Come-on let’s go say hi”, Lindsay said taking my had and leading me towards the graves.

“There they are”, I told her when we finally made out way inside.

“He and Gaul were so close growing up. Always together. So much alike and at the same time so very different.” She said softly, lost in her memories. “Even after your father moved away they stayed in contact”

“I remember” I answered, “Uncle Gaul used to visit us all the time.”

“I only met your mother once but I liked her immediately. Your father chose well”, she smiled at me. “It was just after you were born, he’d left it late to find Sommer. If we had been a normal family he would have already been an elder but of course we’re not normal.”

I glanced up the row of graves. My parents and beside them Kyle, Grace and Emma, all in a tidy little row. It was a little hard to imagine that even if the fire hadn’t happened they would still be gone, just like Amelia. All except Dad, I realised suddenly. Dad would be a similar age to my grandmother, even though I had been coming to terms with this quirk in my own children it was still hard to understand.

“Did he know?” I asked suddenly, clarifying the answer when I saw my grandmother didn’t immediately understand the question, “About me, I mean?”

“Yes, he didn’t like it but he also understood there was no stopping it” she turned to look at me, “It’s the reason I only visited once, I knew you as soon as I saw you. I would have been able to find you no matter where you were. Still can. We’re connected. It would have same with my grandmother – if she had still been alive.”

“Why only visit the once?”, I asked.

“Because your dad asked me to stay away” Lindsay replied, she looked down at my father’s grave. “To keep my crazy lifestyle away from you for a long as possible.”He wanted you to have as close to a normal childhood as you could have.”


“The time is coming when I’ll be gone and then its going to start again.”

“Grandma?” I didn’t like when she talked like this, like she was trying to say goodbye.

“You’ll know” she told me. “As soon as it starts again, you’ll know.”

“Leaving that rather depressing topic behind” she was no longer looking at me, eyes trained on something happening behind me.”You have an admirer”

“I what?”

“You have an admirer”, she smiled at me suddenly. “Interesting…and cute, he’d be-”

I glanced over my shoulder. “No!” I was horrified. “I am not going to pick up in the cemetery where my parents are buried.” I hissed at her.

“Of course you’re not” she agreed, patting me on the cheek, I hated when she did that! “He’s coming over. Have fun”

“Don’t you dare leave me here by myself!” I whispered furiously at her.

“Lucia?”, I turned towards the voice. How did a ghost in Riverview know my name?

“Uh, hi?”

“You don’t remember me?”, he said, he seemed disappointed. While he seemed familiar I struggled to place him. “We went to school together.” he said, trying to jog my obviously poor memory.


“Lucia, I’m just going to be over here” Grandma interrupted me.

I briefly looked at Lindsay before turning my attention back to the familiar stranger.

“I’m sorry? We went to school together? That was such a long time ago.”

“I know, I just thought -“, he stopped, seemingly embarrassed. “I thought you would remember me. I must have changed more than I thought, being dead and all and older…..while you-” he stopped mid-sentance looking me up and down before continuing. “don’t look much older than the last time I saw you.”

While I was watching him try to recover from his embarrassment, I realised that I did know him. “Oh my, Christopher? What happened to you?” I hadn’t seen him since we were both teens.

Suddenly he kissed me, something I wasn’t prepared for. “You do remember me”, he whispered.

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4 thoughts on “That Old Feeling – Part 1

  1. lol! If he hadn’t said her name, I’d’ve been suspicious that Christopher was pulling the old ‘I know you’ thing on her.

    Also, I noticed Lindsay hugging a ghost in the background over Lucia’s shoulder. Possibly Rhuarc? I was going to guess it’s Lindsay’s husband but I thought he died of old age, not fire.

    • lol, at first I was just going to make Christopher just another random ghost, but because we were in Riverview it opened up other possibilities. He had to be a ghost because anyone who would remember Lucia dissapeared from Riverview at least 70 chapters ago. 😛

      Its not Liam but you already guessed that. 😉 Although thanks for reminding me of something I’d overlooked, even though it means I am going to have to redo a scene. 😀

      Yep, its Rhuarc. I was going to say maybe/maybe not but really theres no point, because the first word gives it away next chapter. 😀

  2. Lindsay hugging a ghost in the background funny! 🙂 It’s nice to see Lucia visting her father, Great chapter.

    • hehe, you have no idea how long that took to line up. One of the four of them would walk off just I went to take the pic. 😛

      It was nice, so glad I thought of it. So far Rhuarc has only been mentioned in passing so it was nice to have something that concerned him. As far as this gen is concerned he has been a massive influence, even if you disregard the genetics. 😛

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