Birthdays to Celebrate

The older children were all busy with school when we finally decided to get started with Josef and Jerid’s toddler training.

Lindsay was especially eager to get started, which only made me wonder what she had planned for the trip we would be taking together.

She did however still take time to play and snuggle with the babies.

I had the fun task of teaching little Jerid to talk,

but then again, so did everyone else.

He seemed to take forever to train. The arrival of the full moon didn’t help.

I did have Jerid all to myself when it became time for him to learn how to walk.

Lindsay taught Josef to talk. It didn’t seem like he was paying a lot of attention.

Training was not the only thing happening in the nursery.

Eliya and Mika both spend some time in the nursery playing with either the doll house or the oven. One of the boys often ended up in the toy box peeking out at everyone.

The only task left before it was time for birthdays was teaching Josef how to walk.

“Come to Mama, Josef!”

I’ve had a lot of practice training toddlers and this time it seemed like Josef wanted to learn.

We left it until the morning to celebrate birthdays the entire household were there to cheer on the birthday boys and girls.

Most of us still had not changed out of our Pyjamas but that didn’t matter.

Josef aged up receiving the Star Quality trait.

His twin Jarid received the Bookworm trait.

It was also time for Mika and Eliya to celebrate their birthdays.

Iselle and Lindsay did not seem to be in the mood to celebrate these particular birthdays and were both sporting their grumpy faces.

Mika received the Star Quality trait just like her little brother.

Followed by her twin Eliya who became the first family member ever to receive the Brooding trait.

After those birthdays were complete I made everyone pose for a picture before it was time for the Quads to celebrate their birthday. I think it turned out rather nicely. 😀

That evening it was of course time for the Quads to celebrate their birthday.

Akir aged up receiving the Family Orientated Trait. Akir wishes to be surrounded by family.

Breyan received the Hopeless Romantic Trait. She is hoping to become a Fashion Phenomenon.

Ryne received the Rebellious Trait, he wishes to Max all of the New Social groups.

Finally the last of the quads aged up. Iselle received the Charismatic Trait. She hopes to become Super Popular.

The Quads quickly organised a photo of themselves for me.

Afterwards they gathered together to say their goodbyes.

Even though their arrival had been overshadowed by events beyond their control they had been a welcome addition to the family.

With all four of them leaving home at once the house was going to feel very empty.

I was going to miss them.


BONUS PICS: Decided to put a few of my unused photos here because they are the type of pics that don’t really see much use.

Nice Face Akir! 😛

Iselle is really very pretty when I can overlook that some of the faces that she pulls remind me of her father. Out of the quads, Iselle was the one who ended up looking the most like Nick. I random roll all of the kids and dads traits so when Nick rolled mean spirited his fate was sealed.  😛

Dale and Josef being cute together. ❤

Pics of Eliya and Mika taken straight after their birthdays.

I am super thrilled with how these guys turned out.

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8 thoughts on “Birthdays to Celebrate

  1. Mika is so beautiful! Iselle!!!! She looks amazing!!! All the quads do I will be sad that they are gone…. The twins are cute I really want to see Jarid grown up. Great chapter! 🙂

    • She is! I love how she turned out. 😀 When I aged Iselle up to YA she took me by surprise, just wow! Jared is a defininite Young, but that’s okay. The boys that take after Lucia still turn out great. 🙂 I am waiting for the boys evil traits to show up. It going to be fun.

  2. Oh, yeah, I meant to say this when Mika and Eliya were first conceived, but I know what their bio-dad is. He’s a falien! Half-fairy, half-alien. *le nod* These two are quite the gorgeous pair. Do you already have your mind set on who’s heir? Because if not, I have more to add to the list – Eliya and Mika. lol They’d contribute quite the unique genetics, don’t you think?

    • A Falien? Sounds about right. 🙂 They are, those two have been just gorgeous since they were both toddlers. It nice that they are teens now as their personalities are beginning to show. I don’t have my mind set, every time I think I have decided I change my mind. Either one would be great though, there is something about Eliya that I just adore and Mika is lovely too. So at this point they are both in the running.

  3. I love the new header!

    • Thankyou! I tried it out a couple of days ago but had to take it down again and wait for everyone to reach the right ages to put it up permanently. 🙂

  4. Who would’ve guessed that that “interesting looking” fairy daddy would produce such beautiful girls? Falien — I like it! 😛

    • They are amongst my favourites, that’s for sure. I’ve been free-playing with the kids from this BC and posting the pics on tumblr and while Mika is still single, Eliya chose her own husband and her kids are amazing. I’m completely in love with them. 😀

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