Growing Up

After delaying the twins training to attend the Festival the day before it was time to get started. Grandma was keen to help me out, so I was sure that it was going to happen fairly quickly.

While Grandma and I got started on the toddler’s training, the quads were busy enjoying their last day of childhood. They would be aging up at the same time as the twins. Breyan was indudging her love of computers, it is often difficult to pry her away from the machine.

Iselle was busy pretending to be a queen ruling her many subjects. The boys seemed to have dissapeared somewhere I hoped that they were not getting into too much trouble.

Lindsay took on the task of teaching Eliya how to talk.

After spending most of the previous day in each others company they seemed to have developed an understanding and Eliya’s training moved quickly.

I decided that walking would be where I started with Mika.

Like Eliya, Mika seemed to be learning quickly.

Grandma insisted  on training Mika to talk as well, she said it helped her get to know the little ones so much better.  Mika seemed to find learning to talk  a struggle.

Having spent less time with Mika, Lindsay also found Mika more challenging to train.

The pair of them eventually found a way to communicate and I now have two walking and talking toddlers.

With their training complete it was time for some birthdays……a lot of birthdays. Mika and Eliya were up first. I wasn’t surprised when Dale brought Mika up to the cake, out of the twins she seemed to be the one he had bonded with the most.

Mika aged up receiving the Eccentric trait.

Eliya aged up just after her sister receiving the Mooch trait.

Then it was time for the quads to take their turn. Getting them all lined up proved to be a struggle so they all aged up at different times.

Ryne aged up first receiving the Perfectionist trait.

Breyan received the Ambitious trait for her teen birthday.

Akir became Shy.

and finally Iselle became a natural cook.

Mika and Eliya loved being a little bit older and like their previous fairy siblings immediately started dancing.

So far neither of them is exhibiting Caraline’s love of the smustle but they are having a lot of fun.

I made the mistake of mentioning to Dale that I really needed to start working out again…. It’s been ages since I have done anything athletic and a couple of shots at the basketball hoop does not really count.

He had me in the gym so fast my head still hasn’t stopped spinning,

I’m not sure why he felt the need to yell? I’m not sure if I felt any fitter afterwards but I was definitely a little sore the following day,

After their birthdays the quads had separated and they were now engaged in a number of activities around the house. How they were choosing to spend their time highlighted their different  personalities. Ryne was happy watching a little television.

While his brother Akir was busy being far more active.

He still has a long way to go before he has mastered this skill.

Iselle spent some quiet alone time in the sandpit.

I think she enjoys being outside as well as the solitude, there is very little peace once you venture inside the house.

Breyan seemed to change very little when she aged up.

She can, nearly always still be found in front of her very loved computer.

Mika and Eliya after they finished their dancing were so tired from their busy day of toddler training, birthdays and fairy dancing that they asked their great-grandmother Lindsay for bedtime stories.

Unfortunately it was not possible for Lindsay to read to the two of them at the same time and Eliya eventually left to find someone else willing to read her first ever story at bedtime.

Dale was happy enough to read her a story.

I was pleased to see them spending some more time together.

Previously Dale had seemed to spent more time with Mika than  with Eliya. So it was nice to see a bond forming between the two of them.

A/N: I’ve been staring at this chapter for days now. Too many birthdays…Good enough…I guess. 😕

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7 thoughts on “Growing Up

  1. Aw the twins are so cute! The quads aged up well my favorite is probley the little computer nerd(Breyan) Akir on his butt made me laugh, Great chapter 😀

    • They are! I was so happy that both of them got the wings. The first time I’ve had fairies inherit their wing colour. I think Breyan might have been my favourite of the quads at this point too, Poor Iselle just looks too much like her father for me, She pulls the same faces too. 😛

  2. lol, it’s fine. This is where the term ‘birthday chapter’ came from. 😛 Glad everyone’s enjoying themselves. As usual when I see a BC chapter I suddenly want to get back into my own BC…soon!

    • In the end this was one of those chapters I just wanted to get past. Mainly at this point I had no real idea where I was going next with this in game.

      lol, BC’s always draw you back it seems. Mine grabbed hold and won’t let me go again. I haven’t done much on my other challenges for a while now but thats okay I’m sure I’ll get back there eventually.

      • Yeah, I know the feeling. At least now you can move on and stop letting it sit there. XD

        Maybe if you read other people’s stories with those type of challenges you’d suddenly want to get back into them as well? XD Should work cause BCs do it.

  3. All the children aged up really well 🙂 Does Mika have scales? I noticed on her arms, legs, face and collarbones she has stuff which could be.

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