Upset Tummies

With Mika and Eliya now safely arrived, and the spooky day festival in town we decided to take the kids to have a fun day out.

I enjoyed running into my son Andric’s little family. Andric wasn’t at the festival but his wife Alejandra and his son William were there enjoying the event.

I took the opportunity to get to know my grandson a little. Andric had left home a long time ago and it was nice to see that he now had a family of his own.

I  even noticed that little William has inherited his eye colour from both his father and me.

I even took William for a little walk around the festival grounds.

I eventually had to take William back to his mother when he started to fuss and I couldn’t calm him. He wanted his mummy.

While I was handing William back to his mother, Breyan and Iselle were still deciding on their costumes for later in the day.

Eventually it was decided that Iselle would be a Rabbit, while Breyan had decided on being a Tiger.

Meanwhile, Mika had taken a liking to Dale and she wasn’t about to let him go and Lindsay had disappeared somewhere with little Eliya.

After visiting with my grandson and his mother I went and found myself a quiet place to read. From there I could keep an eye on what my little ones were up to and hopefully stop any trouble before it started.

The quads had entered a pie eating contest together, I’m not sure who won in the end but it looked like they were having fun.

Although the pie seemed to disagree with Ryne’s poor tummy.

They all seemed to be in a competitive mood as they all tried out the apple bobbing as well.

Ryne seemed to be the most successful with this activity.

There were other members of the family at the festival as well. I found my daughter Egwene working at one of the booths. 😀

Dale also asked me to tour the haunted house with him.

Our reactions to this little adventure were a little different.

While Dale seemed unaffected and even a little disappointed with the haunted house, it totally creeped me out. I have no wish to try that out again anytime soon.

Overall the first half of the day had been wonderful. The rest of the day would have been too except a little unexpected encounter with Rolan that soured it all.

Lets just say that his attitude has not improved since he left home.

I am now very glad that he declined Dale’s invitation to help out a while back. I don’t know what I would have done with both Rolan and Crux with his mind reading in the same room but I’m sure it would have ended badly.

To finish off the day Dale had volunteered to take the quads trick or treating. They didn’t really need anymore of the sweet stuff and their costumes had long since been abandoned but they were keen to go.

Unfortunately, it soon became obvious that a couple of the kids had overdone it at the festival.

Ryne and Breyan, both still with the evidence of an earlier pie eating contest on their faces soon succumbed to their upset tummies.

Dale had to bring the four home early after failing to even knock on a single door. 😦


A/N: I had a few problems with my game at this point. Usually it all runs smoothly but I ended up with a new sims 3 file trying to shake out the bugs and then trying to get everyone looking like they did before the switch. I had major problems with one of my store sets, of course it was the Lullaby Set 😕 it wouldn’t load because I was missing a store patch which I wasn’t. Thankfully, redownloading the set from the store fixed that problem. Other things that occurred before the new file and save also included a Costume party thrown by one of Lucia’s kids,  every afternoon (on the same day) Lucia and Dale would be invited and for once I was going to let them go. I tried to get this day to work so many times. I think this one was Niella’s party, after they stood around for 8+ hours I gave up.

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7 thoughts on “Upset Tummies

  1. Aws, sorry you’re having game issues too. 😦 So it was the Lullaby stuff for you? Hmm. That could explain my issue as well, as I’m sure it was something I downloaded recently that did it. I had a mysterious store patch update that I ignored at first and when I tried to get it to show up no such update existed. Hopefully it’s the lullaby stuff and not a corrupted save file that’s causing my issues. Anyways, here’s to smooth sailing from here to you! 😀

    Also, can I say Lucia’s new hair is so cute? She looks great for a woman of however old she is. lol

    Is this about when Lindsay left? Or did she just not attend the festival?

    • Yep, a few. I originally put it down to picking up some bad cc but I don’t think thats the problem anymore. I couldn’t put the lullaby stuff back into my game. All the other store stuff worked when I transfered it from the old file but it didn’t so it could be worth a try. It was such a relief when it worked, because I love that set and Eliya and Mika looked to cute in their outfits and I didn’t want to change them.

      I been getting crashes that the crash analyser puts down to not enough memory – something that I haven’t had happen before. *shakes fist at university* 😦 but I’ve also had one that says that ambitions and one of the other expansions are not fully patched which is bizarre. Anyway, I had it working yesterday with no crashing and very little lag so hopefully I’ve fixed it. 🙂

      Thanks, I love it. I was going to put it one of the kids but changed my mind. I think it makes her look younger if thats possible. lol, I still haven’t worked that out but if her younger sister died of old age Lucia must be….. I really have no idea. 😛

      Lindsay was there somewhere with Eliya. The day was that jammed up that she barely moved around. 😦

  2. angelbearpuppy

    I have been having problems with lags, and freezing. I don’t know if it is my laptop or what but I have a good one. And Sims 3 is the only game. I keep my computer up so…I know it can be annoying, Hopefully its gone.

    • I really think that it might be my computer, its really having to work hard to do anything at the moment even when the sims isn’t running. When it is, its worse. I was on the phone with my sister today and she asked if someone was vacuuming. 😦

      • angelbearpuppy

        ouch, yeah it might be. Have you cleaned it out recently? I know the feeling. That is what I think is my problem as well.

  3. I ama sorry your game is having issues 😦 I loved ther kids at the fall festival poor kids I really hate that they get sick from eatting the pie too fast it totally gets in the way, poor Lucia that huanted house really scared her. Great chapter! 🙂

    • It’s a pain but its not sims if your game isn’t driving you crazy some of the time. 😦

      They had fun, except for the pie. lol, it was funny she came out terrified and Dale was like ‘is that it?’. Annoying, cocky brave traited sims. 😛

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