Brothers and Best Friends

Jaem and Malevin had become the best of friends. Although in some ways they were very different, they both got along well and it sometimes seemed like they were never apart.

Aisling: Seriously guys, this mutual admiration thing that the pair of you have going on is getting annoying.

Malevin: Did you hear something Jaem? My annoying twin by any chance…?”

Aisling: ………….

Jaem: Nope, can’t hear a thing..

Aisling: Ahhaha, you losers are too funny….

I knew it irked Aisling that the boys were spending so much time together, I hoped that she wasn’t feeling too left out.

Aisling took to spending a lot of time in the rec area. Taking out her anger on  the gaming system.

Sometimes that worked out well.

With Breyan and Iselle now aged up to children, Aisling no longer had the girls room to herself.

With the nursery now vacant it became a great place for Aisling to unwind and dance for as long as she wished.

If Malevin and Jaem were not involved in some type of solitary activity, they could usually be found together.

Jaem was proving to be the impatient member of the duo, he disliked having to wait his turn to use the wishing well.

It was almost guaranteed to make him grumpy.

My green boys are just too adorable. 🙂

Jaem was thrilled to finally have his chance to wish for happiness and even when you couldn’t see him Malevin was never far away….

I had delayed the twins birthday for a couple of days so that they could attend their prom along with their younger brother. Jaem ended up both the best and most under dressed student there when he refused to wear shoes with the new tux I had bought him.

After allowing the teens of the household attend their prom, it was time for Aisling and Malevin’s young adult birthdays.

Malevin followed in his nephew Crux’s footsteps when he rolled the Irresistable trait. He plans to max his influence with all three of the New Social Groups.

Aisling received the Angler trait and plans to create the Perfect Aquarium.

Afterward it was  time to say goodbye to my newly aged children.

I will miss them both but I know that will do well in whatever they decide to pursue.

The two of them organised a going away photo before they left just for me. They were keen to find their own place. I am sure that it will not take Jaem long to join them.

Breyan had been spending a lot of time at the home of Faith, one of her school friends. The two to of them spent a lot of time watching television, working on their homework or taking joy rides on the lounge.

Akir came home every night excited about being able to use the trampoline. He was often out there until it was time to go to bed.

Lindsay had been taking every opportunity to spend time with her great-grandchildren, especially at bedtime. The younger kids loved when she took the time to read to them.

Dale and I were now getting along better than we had in what felt like forever.

One thing though, the man never seems to tan?

While I was at least a couple of shades darker than usual due to spending so much time outside with the kids, Dale was still as pale as he had always been.

It didn’t take long for the results of the pollination to show themselves in the form of a tiny baby bump, it would not be long until I was once again waddling.

Throughout my pregnancy Dale and I made sure to spend plenty of time together.

Dale at least, seemed to be excited about the impending arrival and was showing a lot of interest in my newest bump. I think he was trying to feel as involved as possible, I certainly enjoyed the attention.

I been spending the day with my grandmother Lindsay when I finally went into labour,

I know she has been through labour plenty of times herself, so I’m not sure why she was freaking out.

I thought about asking Lindsay to drive me to the hospital, but it was one of those events that Dale always insisted on attending. I was always more relaxed  when he was there holding my hand.


A/N: I’m really not sure when the next update will be. For the first time…..EVER….I am out of screenshots for this save. In fact I need to replay Lucia’s entire pregnancy again because the game crashed on me. I’m hoping to get in-game tonight and just play, which will be nice for a change. Lucia now has only twelve children to go and I do have a couple of ideas for what will be happening next, I just need to time them all properly and also load up a new save so I can find Generation Three’s heir. Crux needs someone to torment (I have a tiny idea for that too). lol.

I also thought that you might all want to see what Malevin really looks like under all of that green.  Like Aisling he is mostly like his father feature wise, but he does have Lucia’s hair colour and the Young’s Grandparent Eye Colour. 😛

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7 thoughts on “Brothers and Best Friends

  1. angelbearpuppy

    Well, you are doing good so far. Out of screen shots nooooooo. Just kidding. I hate it that your game crashed on you. It stinks when that happens. Try clearing out your catches to free up some more memory.

    • Thanks, I think it I had a little bit of suspect cc. The game was running a lot smoother during the night so I might have eliminated the problem. yay!

      • angelbearpuppy

        That is always good to hear. My game gives me trouble occasionally. No CC just old computer and no money to buy new one so we truck along.

  2. The boys were so sweet together, Bye Aisling bye Malevin. New baby! I hope it’s fairy. Great chapter!!

    • They were, they could find each other from opposit ends of the lot it was adorable. Yep, new baby. I always love seeing the new babies. 🙂

  3. Well, now you can safely say you are up-to-date! 😀 But bummer about the redo of pregnancy. Those. Are. A. Freaking. Pain. In. The. You. Know. Where. (Yep, I’ve had my share of those. lol) On the plus side, when you do something long like a BC or legacy, you learn to roll with the punches and not beat the computer up every time the game breaks. haha

    So is Crux going to make the ultimate call on gen 3? lol That should be fun. I feel sorry for whoever he picks.

    I find it cute that the greenies bonded so well. XD Perfect match visually!

  4. They are, but in this case it worked out for the best. The second version of the babies are super cute, the first two were cute but they were both little Lucia/Rhuarc clones. I glad I took the time for the second pregnany to clone Elias a couple of times and give him some parents in his family tree and I really should know to make sure I save all the time. 🙂

    Nope, Lucia does but my brain is already giving me some ideas for gen three. 🙂

    I had a lot of green in the house for a long time, lol. They got along so well, Im goin to have to try to remember where I put the twins so I can move Jaem in there to.

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