Summer is Here

Shortly after becoming a teen Jaem discovered a new talent. We had both been working in the garden when he first showed it too me. Without warning.

The way he could replenish his energy was like nothing I had ever seen. Even Crux’s way of replenishing his brainpower had not prepared me for the moment when Jaem went underground and became a plant. He scared me when he had suddenly disappeared.

Thankfully, he didn’t disappear for long and I could finally relax.

He seemed far more energetic when he resurfaced.

For some reason the entire family suddenly wanted to be outdoors. Not that I could blame them, the weather was beautiful.

Jaem required constant rehydration, so he loved anything that involved water. Malevin also loved being in the pool, while I was busy working on my tan.

Malevin had been teaching himself how to dive. He had some very mixed results but it was all slowly starting to come together.

He also continued to disappear when he entered the water.

Dale had started to swimming laps in the pool daily as part of his new athletic routine.

Breyan loved to spend her day in the sandpit.

In fact the sandpit was suddenly proving to be very popular.

The slippery dip was also receiving a lot of love from both Breyan and Iselle.

I ended up in a game of tag with Ryne.

It involved way too much running for my taste, but Ryne seemed to enjoy it. ๐Ÿ™‚

In fact all of my kids seemed determined to keep me active. Jaem dragged me out to the half court to shoot some hoops.

Malevin also spent some time out there on occasion. I had started to notice that my two oldest boys now seemed to have a lot in common.

Because it was summer, the slip’n’slide saw a lot of use.



and Dale all enjoyed it.

Akir was the only one who seemed to be inside more than he was outside. Usually with a book in hand.

I wasn’t surprised thatย  Grandma spent a lot of her time learning how to use our new science station. It was just the type of thing she had always loved.

Lindsay was also spending a lot of time getting to know her great-great-grandchildren.

I was especially happy that my children had the opportunity to spend some time with her.

Aisling, Malevine and Jaem were all being extremely helpful.

Most nights they would read to the younger children to put them to sleep.

I managed to spend some time drawing. The drafting table was a good place to watch the backyard, I often came here when I knew Dale was outside just to see him.

Today I could see Dale and Malevin talking outside.ย  The situation was still tense, I wanted everything to go back to the way it was before but I just didn’t know how it could.

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4 thoughts on “Summer is Here

  1. What a great chapter it was great seeing the family together! Jaem that is so cool! Malevin you scrae me! Great chapter!

    • It is good to see them all together. Jaem totally freaked me out when he did that, because he is totally non-controlable when he’s underground. I thought he’d glitched lol. I love how Malevin dissapears when he is uderwater., makes the diving pics interesting.

  2. Ahhh now I see where you were jumping around. It’s already summer! lol Loved the pics of the slip’n’slide. They always look way more fun for the sims than they were for me. We used to have one and there were always too many sticks and rocks under the slide for my taste. XD Plus, I’m very picky about water temperature and I was always like “It’s too cold!” ahahaha

    Jaem seems pretty interesting. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Yep, it was a very loooong winter, lol. Truthfully some of these pics are probably spring but they all look like summer activities to me. Nearly everything the did was outside, couldn’t keep them inside at all. I do think I have a high number of loves the outdoors sims atm. Dale, Aisling, Jaem, Breyan and Iselle all are, Malevin likely is too but he may be athletic instead. I can’t tell, I just moved him out and he fell victim to my ghost glitch…..luckily I have a dozen saves that he is still in the active household. ๐Ÿ˜•

      Lol, I know I was way too clumsy for slip’n’slide and if your grass is’t perfect….ouch! It gets to 45 degrees (celsius) here in summer sometimes, Cold is good lol.:D

      I’m really enjoying Jaem, makes me wish the second plantsim worked but oh well… He and Malevin make a great pair. ๐Ÿ˜€

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