That moment you think you have all the pics you need because you have played past that part of the story and then you realise “Wouldn’t it be awesome if ………………..”

Umm, yeah..need to load up my game before I can post the next update, if its going in the next one? Could be the one after? Shouldn’t be too long though….. If I don’t continue adding events that don’t really need to be there but sound like fun. 😕

Dale having some fun. 😛

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2 thoughts on “Argh!!!!

  1. This is what Dale thinks is fun? lol

    I actually love those moments. XD I love planning out things for my stories. But I know what you mean. Missing pics = not so fun.

    • lol, he IS a werewolf. This is training, maybe… 😛

      It’s one of the pics I’m going to have to redo and all because of ONE tiny little sentence near the start of the next chapter. I had it kinda planned out, but slight change of plans and inspiration has stuck, again…. Its bugging me because for the first time ever with this BC I have a prewritten chapter done….and I keep adding stuff that has to happen before it. Should be worth it, though. 😛

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