Nothing but Trouble – Part 1

I’ve made a huge mistake!

In hindsight I guess I should have realised that picking a dad from Queenstown was a bad idea…Its Dale’s hometown, he grew up here, any past that he has is here. How was I supposed to know I was about to walk into the middle of an old and unresolved rivalry?…

The babies are already toddlers and Dale still isn’t speaking to me, he’s also started sleeping in gym above the garage.

While I had been falling asleep in the nursery.

That’s not to say Dale hasn’t been great with the kids. Nothing there seems to have changed, he just seems unable or unwilling to talk about what happened, at least not to me. The only response I’ve been getting is “Not yet, Luc” or “We’ll talk about it later” and then we don’t. One thing though, he’s still here….

He was right there when the babies were delivered…I welcomed my third set of quadruplets, at the time I wondered if their arrival would improve things between Dale and I or just make them worse…so far there has been no real change.

First born was a daughter that I named Breyan was born with the traits Friendly & Loves the Outdoors.

My son Akir received the traits Absent Minded & Athletic.

Second son Ryne who was born with the traits Friendly & Couch Potato.

and finally a second daughter Iselle. Who was born with the traits Loves the Outdoors & Excitable.

It wasn’t until later when I really thought about it that I realised that up until the arrival of the newest quadruplets, Dale had been the only father from Queenstown. Loise and Alene’s dad was a genie, I’d found him in a bottle….. Malevin and Aisling’s dad may have been local, but he was a ghost like Malevin and who knew how long he’d been one.

Let me just say that my choice for the last father had not been my best, but it’s not like I had a clue that this one was going to cause problems. At least not until it was too late to change it….


It had all started out like any other day, Dale had once again been away and of course I was again looking for that next father. I had also realised that I had exhausted any means of getting pregnant while staying at home. I needed to be out in the community, it was the only way I was ever going to met anyone new.

His name was Nicholas Crawford and he said he was visiting family in town. He seemed nice enough, not that I was really worried about that but it makes it all easier.

We spent a fair amount of time just chatting we even made a couple of snowmen and an igloo together. It was a fun day.

When he kissed me I decided that I had been delaying the inevitable all day and I invited him to join me in the igloo.

It was only afterwards that I realised my mistake….

He’d known exactly who I was and worse he knew Dale. He had found me with the intent of causing problems. With his phone to his ear he made a call,Β  “Hey Dale. Its Nick, I just introduced myself to your girl…” Nicholas said grinning like a kid at christmas, “I can see why you like her so much.”

Even I could hear the response on the other end.Β  Nick covered the mouthpiece and whispered to me,”He sounds mad”

“Listen buddy, I’ve gotta go. Lucia looks a little mad at me.” he said as he hung up the phone.

“Why on earth would you do that!!” I screamed at him when he got off the phone.

“Because I could” Nick snarled, “maybe next time he’ll think before interfering in something that has nothing to do with him”

“I have no idea what you mean by that!”, I said.

“Oh I know, but he does”, Nick said pleasantly. “Let him know I’ll see him soon.”


A/N: Breyan and Ryne’s skin tone took me by surprise, I had been waiting for Rhuarc skin tone to skip for most of the first 50 or so kids…and it never did and then I read that it couldn’t so now….I’m confused.Β  πŸ˜•

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11 thoughts on “Nothing but Trouble – Part 1

  1. Oh no! I can’t beilieve that Nicholas is such a jerk! The quads are super cute I love little Iselle, great chapter I can’t wait to find out what happens.

    • He is! He decided he was going to be a jerk all by himself too.

      They are cute, they didn’t get as much of the orange as I would have liked but considering the circumstances that’s probably a good thing. πŸ˜€

  2. Are you sure Nicholas is the father? lol I can’t really see any resemblance between the kids and him. Lucia didn’t autonomously wander off to dalliance with someone else, did she?

    • lol, I know right? They totally confused me when I first saw them, since when does skin tone skip a generation?….it never has before. Breyan and Iselle will look like Nick when they are older and they both have his eye colour. Iselle is the only one to get his skin tone. The boys are all Lucia. πŸ˜€

      I replayed that pregnancy soo many times, because I thought something had gone wrong. Instant baby even had similar results and not once did the kids ever inherit Nick’s hair colour…The entire time it felt like my game was glitching, but as far as I can tell its not.

      I’m wondering if one of my mods did it or it was change in the actual game because it didn’t happen before and its not like its Lucia first kid.

  3. Is Nicholas a genie? I think genies are supposed to have blue skin unless they’ve been modified in CAS.

    • Nope, the only one with blue skin in the family tree is Lucia’s Dad Rhuarc, and a couple of Lucia’s siblings. He shouldn’t be a genie at least he wasn’t meant to be.

      I’m tempted to go in game and take control of Corey and Lamelle for a while and see if Lucia or Elena’s skintone skips. I don’t think Elena’s would because shes not on the family tree but Lucia’s might….I’m curious.

      • Yeah Elena’s definitely shouldn’t pop in at all. It’s actually rare for me to get Elena’s actual skin tone, usually I get pink or red but not her blush. XD I’m curious too, if you want to try go ahead. o.o Oh! Was Rhuarc’s skin a CC or regular EA skin color?

      • Okay, so I tested it and its all getting a little weird, lol. Instant Baby, but that shouldn’t change the results.

        8=Lamelle’s purple
        1=Corey’s Green (this surprised me but Lamelle has more family in game so her genetics would be stronger)
        10= Lucia’s skintone (although a lot of these seemed to start of green but it disappeared quickly)

        The thing that really surprised me, 1 Vampire…..WTH!!! Both Lamelle and Corey are human so I have to assume the Vampirism comes from Del???

        Oh and Rhuarc’s skintone is the EA Blue, I hadn’t discovered CC in Gen 1. πŸ˜€

  4. Whoa…this is definitely freaky. Did you download any new mods recently? Or maybe EA decided to make grandparents genes count now without telling us. I once got a human out of a witch and a vampire…turns out there was a setting in one of nraas’ mods that caused that.

    I say as long as you’re not getting any icky looking sims coming out of this, it can contribute some diversity. πŸ˜€

    • No mods, except the usual Nraas ones. So yeah, either there has been some sort of change there or its a new EA thing. None of this was happening before the Uni Patch, Uni and newest mods upgrades so it could be any of the above. lol. Anyway, I’m all for skintones skipping, but I might turn the grandparent inheritance in MC down a little because Rhuarc’s genes are a little too dominant. They always have been but with skintone as well it will get a little crazy πŸ˜›

      Yeah, the Occult setting if set to 50% would sometimes throw a human child with 2 occult parents due to occult population control (or something like that) πŸ˜› I left mine at 50% because Luc is human so I should expect 1/2 of the kids with occults to be human.

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