Generation 3 Heir

So, umm. I think I’ve picked the parent of the Generation 3 heir. I’ve been on a Young Lore Bender for the last 24 hours (there’s never really been one and I thought of something that fit and it just became obvious when I realised what this particular child has in common with their grandfather. I always remember that I picked Rhuarc because of all his pretty colours lol, I completely forgot who/what his father was supposed to be…. and I’m there thinking as I’m writing this whole lore chapter because the one before it is still giving me trouble….. “Technically, Lucia is descended from ****** because her father’s dad was supposed to be an ******” and it kept on repeating, because I like giving myself a headache until suddenly.  😯 😯 :shock:. It may change, but yeah….rambling again.

I’m also feeling a little nostalgic, so here is a little Rhuarc, Lindsay and Gaul from my first ever BC. 😀

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