Plantsim Training

Everyone immediately loved little Jaem,

and Dale, I’m sure, loved that  my newest child hadn’t required input from another guy that wasn’t him.

We were still doing well, and so far everything had been perfect but even I was aware that there had to be a limit to his understanding. It was something I really didn’t want to test.

I quickly started little Jaem’s training, Dale was due to leave for work again soon so it was something that I wanted to complete quickly. Trying to find time with both Dale and the other children was also a priority.

There was only one of him so training seemed to progress quickly.

I do think he would have been happier if I had trained him outside, he wasn’t a child that enjoyed being cooped up in the nursery all day.

Dale challenged me to a dunking contest, I still don’t know why I said yes. I am in no way naturally athletic like Dale is and over the years have only made a half-hearted attempt to try anything that has involved running around.

After Dale had finished trouncing me on the basketball court, It was time to teach Jaem how to walk. He was a natural and when he walked he left a trail of flowers behind him whin I  thought was adorable.

While I was busy with Jaem, the other kids were all busy outside. I don’t know how she did it, but once again Aisling had convinced Alene that running around outside  playing tag was a good idea.

Crux had challenged Loise to a water balloon fight.

It seemed to involve a lot of taunts and name calling, but they seemed to be enjoying themselves.

All to soon it was time for Jaem to become a child.

For his birthday Jaem received the unlucky trait.

Alene was still working hard on her bid to become a One Man  Woman Band, Loise was often there supporting her.

The older they became the closer seemed to be. I didn’t see that changing anytime soon.

Crux was busy in the kitchen once again pretending to be a king ruling his subjects.

After he finally became to tired to continue with his make-believe Crux interrupted the girls to ask Loise to read him a bedtime story.

The following morning Crux nearly missed the bus because he was too busy playing basketball. It was to be his last day as a child as he was due to become a teen in the afternoon, his aunts Loise and Alene were also ready to be come young adults.

In the afternoon, after the kids had all come home from school I finally got  around to organising another family portrait.

Then it was time for those very special birthday. First up was my Grandson Crux, he also became a snob. As a teenager Crux also began to be able to access his alien powers. It will be interesting to see how that all works.

He was followed by his Aunt Alene, who I think aged up beautifully. Alene received the Evil trait for her Young Adult birthday. That means that Alene and Loise now share two traits, Workaholic and Evil. These two will either be partners in crime and remain the best of friends or they will end up getting each others way. 😛 Alene’s Life Time wish has been locked in for quite a while. I’m sure it won’t be long until she achieves what she wants and she is already more than halfway to achieving her goal of being a One Man Band.

Because she aged up before her twin, Alene was enthusiastic in cheering Loise on.

The twins birthdays seemed to set of another werewolf transformation in Dale.

I’m not sure why  but birthdays always seem to set him off.

This time it was Crux that couldn’t handle all of the excitement.

Loise also became a beautiful Young Adult, she received the loner trait. Loise plans to become the CEO of a major corporation.

Afterwards we all settled in to enjoy our abundance of birthday cake as a family.

Alene seemed to be a little  woozy since she became a Young Adult, the shock of now agreeing with her sister on certain things must be a little confusing.

Loise seemed to be suddenly fascinated with Dale’s eating habits.

I would have thought that she would have been used to that by now.

I knew it was nearly time to say goodbye to my girls, they would be moving out soon.  I should be used to that it never gets any easier.

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2 thoughts on “Plantsim Training

  1. The little trail of flowers that Jaem leaves as he walks is too cute for words. Can’t wait to play with a plant sim. 😀 It was funny to see an alien pass out because he saw a werewolf. Personally, I hate when some of my prettiest sims end up being evil. Alene and Loise are a couple of beauties. Sad that they’re evil (although some people will love that).

    • I don’t really mind the evil trait, it’s the mean spirited one that I really hate but towards the end I had quite a few evil sims so I was getting a little sick of the trait. 😛

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