Uni Glitch.

I found an interesting glitch with University recently. Luckily I had heard it mentioned once on Tumblr so I didn’t have a complete freakout when it happened. 😯

I thought I would try out one of the new interactions. It started out as expected 🙂

So far so good.

This is where it starts getting a bit weird.

Suddenly Lucia was Dale!! 😯 Lucia is the one tripping over, she has the clumsy trait.

I thought if I tried it again it might fix it, it couldn’t really get any worse…..

Except that it could. lol, now they are both wrong…

I finally took them into CAS and for a while I thought I had fixed the problem…I then realised Lucia was now sporting the Werewolf glowy eyes. I had to exit the game and reload. 🙄

Just thought I would share, I was somehow both shocked and laughing at the same time. Ah, the relief of only just saving minutes before….. 😛

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4 thoughts on “Uni Glitch.

  1. This made me laugh! Needed that.

  2. WHOA! That is messed up, but very funny!

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