A Racing Heart

I’m still working on my little project.

I am having some success, but success at what? I still wasn’t sure.

Dale was still helping out with the garden and we where planning to sell the crop at the earliest opportunity.

Alene is still crazy about her music.

She has even started bringing friends home to jam with he. This particular boy’s skills were a little questionable.

I had taken toΒ  spending the evenings outside in the garden. It had become a daily ritual that even the rain could not deter me from continuing.

This particular evening was destined to change that.Β  I started to feel a little tingle all over.Β  It was a sensation that I had never felt before.

I can’t believe that I got hit by lightning!!!

I guess that will teach me for being outside in a thunderstorm. Owww!

Malevin, bless him, decided that I needed one more shock. Thanks kid, like my heart wasn’t already racing…. 😦

Loise was one of the kids sensible enough to stay inside out of the way of lightning. She was content to spend her evening watching television.

After I thought about it, though, I realised that she never seems to go out after dark anymore. Avoiding a second abduction perhaps?

Malevin was busy completing his homework. He already has big plans for his future and a good education is part of that. He is currently on the Honor Roll at school and has been there for some time.

Alene seemed to be the big sister of choice when it was time for the younger children to finally go to bed.

All three of them always asked her to read them their bedtime stories.

We could sometimes tell if she didn’t want to do it on a particular day and at those times either I or Dale would take over for her. That didn’t seem to happen often, though.

Dale has been busy working on his athletic skill he is determined to reach the top as soon as possible, and he’s getting pretty close. ❀

While Dale was busy with his daily workout, I had realised that my little experiment was now ready. If I had done everything right the only thing left to do was to harvest the plant.

It was what looked like a tiny green plant baby. I loved him instantly.

I could at last show Dale the results of out now mature garden.

I named my newest son Jaem, he was born with the traits Loves the Outdoors and Athletic πŸ˜€

A/N: There was originally two plantsims but the second one failed. 😦 I think it was because I already had eight sims in the house. I am going to have to check my mods because there have been a couple of things that have been a bit strange. I think I need to go back into MC and SP and check the settings since I replaced them all with the newest versions. πŸ˜›

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4 thoughts on “A Racing Heart

  1. Cute a plant sim! Poor loise if I was her I would be staying inside no question. Great chapter! πŸ˜€

    • Jaem is adorable. lol, yeah she doesn’t want to get abucted again. I haven’t had another one since then, since I patched and got Uni I have only seen one alien.

  2. I have yet to have a plant sim, but it looks like a lot of fun. Jaem is such a cutie! πŸ™‚

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