Summer Days

With Aisling and Malevin’s training complete it was time for birthdays.

Alene and Loise were there to cheer them on.

Malevin received the Ambitious trait.

while his twin Aisling received the Hydrophobe trait.

We had ended up with so much cake in the house, that we were soon eating it for breakfast.

Afterwards Loise was kind enough to clean up the entire house for us.

It was certainly easier for her than it was for anyone else. Not having to scrub all six of our bathrooms was a relief.

After breakfast and the expected wait for everyone to finish getting ready, we all headed off to the Summer Festival. It had been a while since we had all been out of the house together.

Alene and Crux immediately challenged me to a hotdog eating contest, something that I regretted almost immediately. How do I get myself talked into these things?

It didn’t take long for most of the family to be drawn to the skating rink. Aisling was doing a great job, considering it was her first time.

Dale ability surprised me, until I remembered we had skated together before.

Of course with my kids skating means different things to each of them. Mavevin just floated around the rink,

and Loise ran, apparently she’s not old enough to do the genie glide yet?

Dale met my daughter Rosana for the first time, Rosana seemed a little giddy in his presence not that I blamed her. The two of them spent some time helping each other not fall.

Crux decided that I was his best bet for making skating easier. I really should have warned him that he would have been better off asking his grandfather for help as I still hadn’t improved.

It didn’t take long for Crux to regret his decision to skate with his Grandma. We both fell heavily and while I was busy trying to pick myself up of the ground, Crux suddenly dissolved into a fit of giggles. 😕

Dale spent some time helping Aisling learn to skate, I am so glad that these two are still getting along so well.

After he and Aisling stopped twirling, Dale decided to try out his other form of skating.

Dale’s transformation was a little close for Aisling’s comfort and she fainted. Poor baby! I felt sorry for her, but knew that she would eventually get used to that side of Dale.

Watching Dale on the rink with Malevin and Loise made me wonder what the point of them all skating this way was?

Although it did look safer than Alene’s method.

As it was getting dark Crux begged me to enter one more hotdog eating contest with him before we went home, after the last one I wasn’t keen but I find it hard to say no when he wants something this badly.

Rosana and Owein also decided to enter. Owein eventually won.

Just as we were all about to leave, Malevin decided that Aisling needed one more scare to complete the evening.

At least she managed not to faint this time. 🙂

The next day with only one day left of the weekend we all continued to enjoy the warm weather. We all knew that soon it was going to become a lot cooler, limiting the amount of time that we would be able to spend outdoors.

Malevin and Aisling both tried to convince me that they needed to go to the festival for a second day. They didn’t get their way. While the younger children were ready and willing to spend another exhausting day at the festival, everyone else was happy to just hang around the house.

I’m not sure that I could have dragged Dale away from the pool if I had tried.

He was soon joined in the pool by Malevin. I find it a little disconcerting that Malevin’s lower body seems to disappear when he is in the water.

Alene and Aisling decided to spend part of the day Water Balloon fighting. I was happy that Alene was attempting to spend some time outdoors, something she wasn’t always a fan of. Somehow Aisling always manages to get what she wants and if she asks any of her siblings she can usually convince them to join her.

Loise seemed to determined to spend all day on the slip’n’slide.

She was definitely landing on her face less by the time she was done for the day.

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4 thoughts on “Summer Days

  1. I hate that supernautralds can’t skate! :/ I love the twins, poor Aisling. It was great to see them out at the festival I loved Loise on the waterslide, Great chapter!

    • I know, right? I get how they have the werewolves set up, but they have the two forms!! It’s crazy that the rest of them can’t skate at all!!

      haha, Aisling did have a little bit of a rough time this chapter but she’ll get over it. 😀

      lol, Loise…I was so sure I had a pic where she was face first into the ground but I couldn’t find it! That was a bit annoying, but yep, I like the pics of Loise too. Even the couple I didn’t include. 🙂

  2. I love Malevin. Nice update.

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