Family Time

Today we had a mascot visit the house from the university that has just opened nearby. The mascot left us with a pile of freebies and some aptitude tests to encourage us to apply. Both Dale and I were curious to see how we would go on the test, so we both tried it. Dale was offered a partial athletic scholarship.

I was offered a full scholarship, the only section I didn’t ace was Science and Medicine.  Neither of us had any plans to apply, at least not yet but it was nice to know that we both had that option.

My older girls always seemed to be together, I was pleased that they were close.

Unfortunately the pair always seemed to be in the middle of plotting something. I realised Loise was the main instigator, Alene just seemed to follow along with whatever her twin had planned.

Dale  and Loise’s rocky patch had made Dale the obvious target for their teenage pranks.

Thankfully Dale was good-natured about it all, and I had managed to disable most of the booby-traps before it all got out of hand.

Crux had been settling in nicely, he had asked a couple of questions about his parents but I had very little information to give him about one and with the other I wasn’t sure what to say. I told him what I could but realised my answers were far from satisfactory. Rolan had left him here with me, and as such I treated Crux as one of my own. It wasn’t long before questions about Rolan were no longer asked.

Dale had quickly gotten over the shock of an unexpected grandchild and the two of them were finally spending some time together, something that both of them were happy with.

In fact Dale was spending a lot of time reading to all of the children.

Crux had also shown an interest in baking. He was often found in the currently vacant nursery learning how to make muffins.

I was very proud of his efforts.

Malevin often joined him in the nursery so they could work on their homework together.

Loise had been busy learning the mixology skill.

I did think that she may be a little young to be learning to mix drinks, but if it is something that she wants to do when she finally leaves school it won’t hurt if she has a head start. It’s not like I leave the ‘juice’ in the garage anyway, with as many teens as I sometimes have in the house that would be asking for trouble.

Anyone who spent any time with Alene knew that she loved music, it helped that it was something she was good at.   It came as no surprise that she was determined to become a one-man-band and her commitment to learning the required instruments was starting to bring results. Even though she was still a teen was already halfway to completing her Life Time Wish.

I had recently bought my older girls a present. Alene was the first to claim ownership, which I didn’t find at all surprising.

Aisling likes to paint, it will be nice to have some company at the easel when I finally get some time.

Unfortunately, my families alien abductions have continued.

When Loise was taken, I had to admit that my previous assumptions were wrong and I really had no idea what they were after.

Loise was really upset about the abduction. Loise had thought that she was safe because she was a genie, she was not happy to be proven wrong,

I was surprised when afterwards she apologised to Dale for all of her pranks. I am hoping that the two of them will finally start to get along , they had been close at one point but  I know better than to expect it.

I have been trying to get some more paintings complete, it has been my main source of income for quite some time. I realised that I was going to have to move the easels inside, painting out here in the winter would be almost impossible but I had no idea where to put them?

The volume of completed paintings that I produced had shrunk. Having Dale living here permanently was proving to be very distracting.

Not that I minded, there were  some definite benefits.

I have also dragged Dale into my most recent obsession – gardening. I planted too many seeds at the same time and I now need Dale’s to help maintain the garden. He didn’t seem to mind.

I do have a reason for this little project, a overheard unsubstantiated rumour that I wanted to investigate. I had not shared why I was suddenly so keen on gardening with Dale in case I was unsuccessful. A new household purchase was helping me with my little investigation.

A/N I seem to have a little glitch in my game currently that is allowing my sims to super-skill, Alene is at level five on every instrument that she needs for her already locked in LTW. She is spending a lot of time playing music, whats even better it’s all on autonomous. I also have a fun but also a little creepy interaction glitch that I will post separately.  Lil.

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