Full Moon Detour

It was soon time to allow Dale to take me to the hospital. I had told him that he didn’t need to come if he didn’t want to, but he said that he wouldn’t miss it for anything. I loved that he wanted to share this with me.

As we were going to get in the car, something we had overlooked decided to make the whole experience just that much more interesting.

It was time for the full moon. I didn’t know how we had both managed to overlook something as important as that.

Dale had become more able to control his werewolf half and as a result he had been transforming less and less.  Also with the boys out of the house there was no longer the unavoidable chain reactions that had occurred when just one of them had lost control.

Dale did well, I had half expected that he would transform on the way to the hospital. I was amazed that he made it all the way before he actually transformed.

Even though he was unable to escort me inside, he was waiting for me outside when both I and the babies were ready to leave.

I ended up carrying Malevin home, while Dale took responsibility for Aisling.

A couple of hours later, I realised that neither Aisling nor Dale had made it home. When they were finally found them, Dale had been heading away from home back towards the hospital.  Aisling hadn’t noticed a thing and had been sleeping the entire time.

I eventually had to send a taxi out to collect them and bring them home, if Dale had carried her all the way it would have been morning before they returned.

Meet Malevin Young, he is both a Genius and Over Emotional.

and just so you know what he actually looks like, here he is without his ghost form. 🙂

His twin sister Aisling is a Light Sleeper who Loves the Outdoors.

After the newest twin were born, Dale spent a lot of time with Aisling trying to make up for their late night adventure.  I had told him he didn’t need to, that she wouldn’t even  remember their little adventure together but I think it still bothered him that the first time she had seen him he had been in werewolf form.

Aisling seemed to like all of them attention and the two of them were soon inseparable.

I was quite happy to take care of all of Malevin’s Training, I often had to look twice to find him whenever I entered the nursery as his small frame blended in with the colour in the room.

Both of twins enjoyed playing with the toys from the toy box. Aisling liked the robot,

while Malevin liked the train.

The next time Dale went into Werewolf form he soon found his new favourite girl and spent the afternoon rocking her to sleep.

One of my other daughters wasn’t faring as well when Dale transformed. While they got along beautifully when Dale wasn’t in his wolf form, when he was there was something about Loise that bothered him. I imagine the little incident where she had stolen Aisling’s lollipop hadn’t helped matters.

Loise didn’t seem all that concerned and had threatened to banish him when he growled at her. In the end I had to ask her not to. Loise was just beginning to master her Genie powers and I was a little afraid of what would happen to Dale if she tried it.

Alene had other problems. Alene and I were now the only two humans in the house besides Aisling and as such she was now the obvious target for Alien Abductions.

She was not very happy about the situation, I am still unsure why I have never been a target.

I was going to have to find a solution to our little alien problem soon.

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5 thoughts on “Full Moon Detour

  1. Do your sims spend a lot of time mastering logic, or do you have a lot of space rocks lying around, or both? I’ve heard the space rocks have an impact, but when Serp got abducted it was because he had some logic I think.

    At least Dale didn’t leave Aisling sitting at the hospital and go loping off home without her. He’s a sweetheart. Lucia’s a lucky gal. Maybe she should sit Elena down and have a talk with her about making relationships work, haha.

    • My mass of alien abductions happen in all my saves, I never do anything special, there’s no space rocks or anything. The BC doesn’t even own a telescope, they do have a chess board and potion table but thats it. Lucia is maxed in the logic skill but she’s not the one that gets taken so I don’t know. I did patch last night, so I could install Uni. There was a fix in there for it, unfortunately I had wanted Lucia to track down an alien before that happened but I’m sure I’ll find one somewhere.lol

      It was weird because Aisling didn’t appear in his arms until Dale was well away from the hospital, I was expecting to find her on the ground on the home lot somewhere but nope. I just let him carry her for ages until I realised that he was headed back into town. I’m going to need to play the save with just Dale and Lucia after this is all done. Yesterday they continually queued try for baby when I wasn’t paying attention which is adorable, but I don’t think I can count any more Dale babies :P. I had to keep changing the action to woohoo lol.

      • I’m seriously tempted to have Bael be one of Elena’s baby daddies. I kind of want him to try to woo her and be her real boyfriend for a while. What do you think? I know Corey was the dad of his bro and sis, and I usually try to avoid that kind of thing…but I am just so in love with Bael. XD I don’t know how far I would have their relationship go. I think he would stick around to raise his kids, and maybe try asking Elena to marry him…but…well, I reeeally like having many baby daddies, and Elena’s pretty scarred after two divorces so she would probably say no to another proposal. lol I imagine him as being kind of like Dale personality-wise – is that close?

        lol! Those two are seriously in love then. I had Elena have like…12 kids with Cameron Sky, so my opinion on many kids with one father is kind of skewed, x)

        Sounds like it may be an EA thing, then. I didn’t get an alien till after I patched.

      • Sure, go ahead if you want to use him. I’d love to see him in something else and he is too adorable to just siy in my sim bin,lol. I did check to see if Tylin and Beslan were out of the house before Bael was born and they were, so thats okay. Thought that might be a little too strange lol.
        Yep, I see him as a lot like Dale even though they don’t share any traits. I had to go and check what traits Dale has because I had no idea…..The two of them have a lot of similar traits though and neither have any of those really noticable ones. lol. Bael’s Hopeless Romantic/Unlucky traits are nearly perfect for what you have in mind. 🙂

  2. XD Yeah, I know what you mean. Elena’s grandkids growing up with a person she someday dates? Ahaha. Thank you for the permissions! I am not sure when exactly I’ll be bringing in him, seeing as I’m currently inundated in ghost daddies. His traits are seriously so perfect for what I have in mind – though what really got me was just what a sweetheart he was before he left home. :3

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