Sad Goodbyes

That night after the boys had said their goodbyes, It was time for Dale and I to say ours. He was leaving very early in the morning and it was unlikely that I would be awake.

We took the opportunity to watch the stars together.

“You’ll be good while I’m away, yeah?”, he asked. His smile telling me that he only half serious.

“I somehow don’t think that’s the idea”, I joked. “but I’ll try”

We didn’t mention it again, I knew it was hard for him but I was getting closer to being done.

I did wonder if each separation between the two of us would become harder or easier; at the moment it was a little hard to tell.

Rolan was still acting strange, he often just sat there staring. In the kitchen; the nursery, it didn’t matter where he was he always ended up with a blank stare on his face.

What is wrong with you?, Loise asked.

“I just don’t feel right”

”You want to know what I think?”, she replied.

”Not really?”

“I think that old lady alien did something to you. You haven’t been right since then. Your actually being nice to people. It’s weird, and a little creepy.”

“Are you finished?”, Rolan asked.

“I think I liked you more before” Loise said. “Just saying…”

Rolan had also started to gain massive amounts of weight without any explanation.

Occasionally he even developed a weird green glow around his stomach.

After that I decided to do a little research, everything I could find was extremely vague but I did notice that there had been a recent increase of strange occurrences. I even found one fleeting reference that I found a little worrying.

Unfortunately there seemed to be no way to stop what was happening to Rolan. Apparently it wouldn’t hurt him long-term it was just a situation that required us to wait it out.


While I was making sure Rolan was okay, I had been forgetting the other task that had to be completed while Dale was away. With only five of us living here and Dale being away, the house felt extremely quiet and empty, something I wasn’t used to.

I had been putting off finding a father for my next children when I paid a visit by yet another ghost.

“I hear you are looking for father’s for your 100 baby destiny?”

“I’m sorry? What did you just say?”

”There’s a rumour circulating through the cemetery that you have a destiny that requires you to have one hundred babies. I could help you with that if you’d like?”

”Please tell me that isn’t the reason I’ve been getting constant ghostly visitations?”I asked, a little horrified. Was I a constant topic of conversation at the graveyard?

”They were just curious, I just thought I would offer to help out”, he smiled.

“Umm, okay?”

Despite being creeped out by the idea that the entire population of the Queenstown Cemetary was obviously going to find out about this, I accepted his offer. Afterall it meant that I didn’t need to go and search for a new man to father my children.


”Are you okay?”

”Am I okay? Really? Have you seen me lately, I mean look at me!”

“You know, I think it might be almost over” I said looking at my son. It had to be, I didn’t know how much larger he could become.

I was right, shortly after my son started to glow, his body surrounded by a green light. A short time later he held a small, slightly green baby in his arms.

The babies green skin colour slowly faded until he wad a slightly darker skin tone than his father.

Rolan was shocked, I managed to get the both of them into the kitchen so Rolan could age up his son.

This is my grandson Crux Young. Isn’t he the cutest?

Following Crux’s birth Rolan seemed to be a little withdrawn. He would sit in the nursery with Crux for ages, until Crux actually required his care and then he was nowhere to be found.

Any care Crux needed usually fell to me to provide. Not that I minded, I thought my new grandson was beautiful.

Eventually, Rolan came and told me he would be moving out in the morning and that he wouldn’t be taking Crux with him.

“But he’s your son!” I asked, not understanding how he could just leave him behind.

“I know I can’t handle this!”

“I didn’t ask for this, it’s not what I want. I just can’t be what he needs”, he explained. “I’m not you, Mum. He’ll be much better off here with you than he ever would be with me.”

A part of me understood, but mostly I didn’t. Leaving one of my children with someone else would have been unthinkable for me.

The following morning I plastered on my happy face as I said goodbye to Rolan.

A/N: Poor Rolan got knocked up with his alien baby while he was teen. I seriously did not know this could happen, I guess being aged up shortly after an alien abduction means they can get pregnant. Weird…..

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20 thoughts on “Sad Goodbyes

  1. I kneeew it! ahahahahaaa Crux is adorbs! Honestly, I think Rolan’s right about him not making a very good father, what with the mean-spirited thing. :/ But still…I know how Lucia feels. Kids should stay with their parents in most cases.

    On the plus side, you now get an alien baby to play with! I am jealous. XD I have still not seen a single alien…it doesn’t really help that Elena hardly leaves the house, lol. I guess I should both have her increase logic and just make her go out for no reason. (I mean, they’re supposed to visit worlds by walking around and not just abduct people.)

    • Oh, I think I just realized why I might not be seeing them. I’ve had Story Progression turned off for ages. Whooops. I better turn that back on when I get in-game.

      • I was also wondering if you house had any room for the ship, they need room to land. Hmm, story progression may help. πŸ™‚

    • hehe, He is! When Rolan got the unexplained weight gain moodlet I was shocked…He was at the basketball hoop with Taric when I noticed it straight after I aged the quads up. Because it was Rolan I had a decent excuse to keep the baby. If i had been Bael it wold hae been a totally different story.

      Really? Not one?…..weird. I have more than I can handle honestly. I did only just realise that the aliens are only taking the humans they are leaving the SN’s alone with the exception of Siedre so far. I’m wondering if its like the iceskating thing and only witches get to participate, lol. Also for some reason its like Lucia doesn’t exist, they only take the teens. πŸ˜•

      • Maybe you tend to have Lucia doing stuff when the aliens come by? I dunno, since I’ve not got to play with them yet, lol. Yeah, that could be, since Elena’s a fairy. I figure if I can catch an alien in-game, I can save them to bin or library or just add them to my household, and have Elena make babies with them from there.

        I have a 60 x 60 lot, I believe, and it’s not totally crammed with stuff outside. Also, I think the latest patch was supposed to have fixed the spaceships needing a certain amount of room to land.

      • I’m trying to catch one at the moment for Luc, so far I haven’t been quick enough. Next time Apollo takes one of the kids l can drag him CAS and upload him for you, if you want?

  2. I thought so, Have fun bringing your baby up, did you change it’s skintone or was the baby born like that

    • he was born like that, the green faded almost immediately. Crux seems to have a combination of his parents skin. Rolan’s skin with the alien’s darker shade.

      • Ok that’s weird, All the Alien babies I have end up carbon copies of the Sperm Donors with their Green skin, Black eyes and green or black hair

      • I was expecting that too, could be the custom skin? That does sound possible.

    • thenay had alien twins in her Love for the Ladies story. One was green-skinned, the other has her daddy’s dark human-colored skin. It might possibly be something to do with CC skins.

  3. Poor Rolan 😦 Crux looks adorable though πŸ™‚

    • Yeah, I did feel sorry for him but only a little. I just can’t seem to bond with my Mean-spirited simmies. I love Crux and I’m happy he is in he family. But I’m happy that both Rolan and Paige (from the wishacy) are now out of their respective challenge houses. πŸ™‚

  4. Poor Rolan, Crux is adorable! I have never seen an alien baby so he is just cute! I hope that the ghost genes are passed down to the newest baby(s)! Wonderful chapter!

  5. This chapter confirmed my suspicion, I guess pregnancy makes Rolan nice *shudders*. I feel bad for Crux, he was left behind, but at least he has a loving grandma, and hopefully an understanding grandpa.

    • lol, yeah it even creeps his evil sister out. πŸ˜€ Rolan really did nothing but sit around, and didn’t go anywhere near Crux unless he happened to be in the rocking chair, at least Lucia and Dale will look after him.

  6. Cool! This was the first male pregnancy I’ve seen. I’ve only had a few abductions, with no resulting pregnancies.

    • For a while my sims used to get abducted daily – right up until I patched my game for University, they have only been abducted a couple of times since. I was lucky one of my sims got abducted in my seasons test save and ended up pregnant, not that I kept him because it wasn’t something I wanted for my legacy sims.

      I was thrilled when I worked out that Rolan was pregnant! It was totally unexpected because he was only a teen when it happened. πŸ˜€

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