Growing Pains

Weeks had passed since Snowflake Day and Dale had yet to take down the mistletoe and was shamelessly using it obtain kisses.

“You still haven’t taken that down” I asked.

“It comes in handy” Dale replied grinning at me.

I was quickly learning that having two fully grown and worse still, two adolescent werewolves in the house was chaotic. It was also not forgiving on my furniture.

Taric and Seirin at one time had decided to use the kitchen to practise their fighting skills.

The end result was two broken chairs, a triumphant Taric, a sore but not sorry Seirin (who instantly requested a rematch),

and an unconcerned Maeric who was still sporting his stylish pirate hat.

In the end I had banned them from fighting in the house and told them all to take their training outside away from my furniture.

Bael tried to talk to Rolan about how he had behaving recently. Rolan had alienated nearly everyone in the house and Bael had only been trying to make his brother understand that.

Unfortunately Rolan just didn’t care and after that most of his siblings gave up trying to be nice to him.

Dale tried to get his son to become more involved in family activities but Rolan’s participation was always fleeting and unenthusiastic.

Taric had also taken interest in the ant farm that we had in the garage. It had been there forever, I think that Taric is the first of my children to even notice it was there.

Alene took the opportunity to scare her older brothers with a ghost story. Being all grown up didn’t seem to help them all that much.

Loise spent time outside in the snow. she particularity enjoyed the spring rider,

When she was inside she enjoyed playing with her IF doll.

Niella, Jheran and Maeric were still living at home.Β  Dale had been putting off their departure for a couple of weeks now, not that I blamed him. They were his children,Β our children and he didn’t what them to leave.

I had ended up making Jheran a potion to turn his imaginary friend real. The two of them had been close the entire time they had been growing up. I wasn’t sure if he would be able to use it though, for the last couple of weeks the two of them had been experiencing some technical difficulties. (glitchy IF 😦 )

As much as Dale had been dreading it, we c ould no longer delay the triplets moving out.

All three of them had grand plans they where all keen to get a start on.

The alien abductions continued, and as no-one seemed to be adversely effected by it we soon stopped worrying about it.

When Rolan finally had his turn at abduction, I will admit we all thought it was a little funny.

Especially since he was far from the only person who had been outside that night.

After all of the problems that he had been causing, I could only smile when the abduction occurred.

Even if I had been able to stop him being taken, I’m not sure I would have and I now feel a little guilty about that.

It certainly hasn’t done anything to improve relationship with the rest of the family.

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8 thoughts on “Growing Pains

  1. I feel bad for Rolan, he’s probably almost enemies with everyone in his (in the house) family. I’m sad to see Dale’s oldest kids go, but I guess that’s part of the 100 BC.

    • He has.:( Unfortunately every time he talks to someone he usually ends up in a argument.

      I’m going to miss the triplets. I was quite attached to them but yeah, they had already stayed far too long. πŸ™‚

  2. The alien lady LOL that’s always the alien I get. I get the grandma alien.

  3. lol! Rolan deserves it, honestly. And I was just thinking it’s probably a good thing Dale’s a werewolf – imagine his reaction if he got pregnant by an alien. ahahaha

    • lol, he kinda does. I was just losing it with the expressions Luc was pulling as he was being taken, especially with Loise right behind her sporting a really creepy expression.

      I totally forgot about the SN’s not getting pregnant, I remember reading it but….totally forgot. I’ll admit I was half hoping it would happen, lol. I don’t think he would be happy. hehehe. Damn, now I really want it to happen. 😦

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