The King and Queen

Today is the Spring Carnival and with the children begging to attend we all hopped in our Motive Mobile to see what was on offer.

The triplets couldn’t wait to find all the eggs scattered around the festival and spent most of the afternoon hunting eggs. Maeric spent the entire day in his werewolf form. Sometimes I think he prefers it.

Siedre was the first to try out the roller-skating rink. She wasn’t doing a lot better than I had when I had first tried Ice-Skating.

Dale and I  counldn’t resist trying the Love Tester Machine.

We anxiously waited to see where our relationship would be ranked.

We were excited when the light flashed at the very top.

Granting us a perfect 10/10.

Later in the evening the other children joined Siedre on the rink. All of them appeared to be as talented as I had been. Siedre had yet to show any improvement.

Maeric however decided that roller-skating was not for him and ran beside his siblings instead.

Dale and I had spent the rest of the evening on the dance floor. We even received a letter a couple of days later announcing that we had won the title of Spring Festival King and Queen.

It had already been a wonderful day. When we had finally arrived home and the children had all made their way to bed, Dale decided to make a perfect day even better.

He looked nervous, he took a deep breath before saying “You know I have to go away for the next couple of weeks for work, but before I go I just need to ask you something.”

“Okay?” I asked, unsure of where he was taking this conversation. I knew he wasn’t exactly looking forward to leaving, it was the first time our agreement would be put into effect. I don’t think either of us really knew how it was all going to work when it was acted upon.

He surprised me when he was suddenly got down on one knee pulling a small box from his pocket. “Lucia, I’ve been wanting to ask you this since the moment I met you. I love you and I always will. Will you do me the honour of becoming my wife?”

I happily accepted. Unfortunately I had to tell him that the wedding would have to wait until I had reached my one hundred baby goal.

Dale was thrilled that I had said yes to marrying him, but a little disappointed that the wedding wouldn’t take place until later.

We did take the opportunity to celebrate our engagement before he left town.

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6 thoughts on “The King and Queen

  1. Yay their together, haha 10/10 thier prefect for each other! I hate that about the supernatural sims they don’t skate around the rinks but fly/run it is so anonying! Everyone on the ice cracked me up! Easter eggs! I can’t wait to have a sim kid in easter since I have had the game I have yet to have the timing of having a kid in spring. Great chapter!

    • Thankyou! They were my first ever 10/10 couple. 😀 The supernatnatual sims not skating is very annoying, it’s the reason I didn’t have Lucia and Dale on there.

  2. Poor Dale has to wait while Lucia pops out (25?) more babies. I wonder if he really knows what he’s in for.

    • Very true, poor guy. 😦 Yeah she has 25 to go, so about 10-12 pregnancies depending on how many in each set. Lucia hasn’t had a single birth since Logain, he was about baby no 8.

  3. By the way did you change your default skin or something? The kids look a little different in this update.

    • I had to check, lol because I did try a new default at one point and I couldn’t remember if I kept it or not. It should be same because the last couple of updates where all taken at the same time and I didn’t keep the new skin.

      All of the pics after the winter festival to the recent updates have been from new gameplay, everything before that was before christmas because I wanted to do a 75 kid christmas photo and I had to restart a new file afterwards because the first Queenstown one ended up with a unclickable family tree. 😕

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