Life soon got back to normal. Lidya and Lamelle had moved out and our newest family member had settled in. We were still a family that was a little girl heavy. I’m not sure I can remember a time when the boys outnumbered the girls. Not that I minded all that much, I loved my girls.

Darlin, the only male in the house still loved the rocking horse.

Rosana and homework were still not getting along.

Being a fairy wasn’t enough for Caraline she also wanted to be a dragon and spent a lot of time pretending to chase Darlin and his rocking horse around the room.

When she wasn’t busy chasing Darlin she was dancing, complete with her favourite outfit.

Arrela still uses her abilities to take what she wants from the Claw Machine.

Jolene enjoyed gaming on the computer. So far her unique beginning has not seemed to have adversely affected her.

I’ve been busy brushing up on my non-existent alchemy skills.

There has also been a few more developments. I had recently hired a new maid. I will say that she can be very impatient if you are standing between her and whatever it is that she wants to clean. This particular time she wanted to make the bed while I was waiting to do my pregnancy swirl. We all know that sometimes that can take a while….and the other new development. I’m pregnant! Not really surprising but I realise that I have neglected to mention it up until now.


Sometime Earlier…

The evening after I had made my wish in the wishing well and was introduced to my new daughter Jolene, I had left the younger children in the capable hands of their older sisters Arrela and Rosana. I went up to the Red-Wood Peak Viewing Area. I had needed a moment to myself to think. I wasn’t planning on another baby just yet…

While I there I met Corey Queen.

Corey and I spent the evening roasting marshmallows and enjoying the sunset.

Until later in the evening when things took a much more serious turn.

I eventually decided to invite Corey back to my place. When we got there the children were all asleep so we where free to pursue other fun activities.


I haven’t heard from Corey since that night, but that isn’t unusual for me. I usually manage to break-off any relationships that I have gently. Since then I have been keeping myself busy.

The reason for my lack of planning with this pregnancy is unaware of just how much she scared me with her arrival and I intend to keep it that way.

A/N: Corey Queen is Baby No. 6 from MewmewMentor’s Queen’s Hive.

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4 thoughts on “Unplanned

  1. Jolene once you look at her is actually really cute, I laughed so hard when I saw the picture of Darlin on the rocking horse! Great chapter!

    • lol, the animations for the rocking horse are a lot of fun. 🙂

      Jolene is cute, I wish she looked a little less EA made though. They all have a certain ‘look’.

  2. So I /finally/ made my way to your challenge. I really ought to read up on this, but anyways, I just wanted to say that I enjoyed catching a glimpse of Corey. 😀 I haven’t seen him and most of his Twinbrook siblings since I had to move Elena. Of course, I have him saved, just mentioning that it was sweet seeing him again. lol. I will catch up to everything later. Bookmarking.

    • Thanks, it’s always nice to see them pop up elsewhere. I had one of Lucia’s kids in a someone’s challenge recently and it was nice to see him too. 😀

      I was really happy with how Corey/Lucia’s twins turned out. 🙂

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