Flying Without Wings

Now that they have become teens Arrela and Rosana have suddenly become the best of friends.

Arrela even performed some sort of charm recently that gave Rosana the ability to fly, at least temporarily.

Rosana has once again decided to start working out. Also do you notice the painting in the background? Remind you of anyone? My beautiful, slightly crazy, first born daughter perhaps? ❀

Arrela inspected the fireplace and informed me that I really needed to upgrade it to fireproof. Winter is on its way and we need to be prepared. (Yes, this is about the time I got Seasons)

Tonight it is also a full moon. Hopefully they will not bother us here.

If Arrela and Rosana are getting along; Caraline and Jolene are not. 😦 I had thought that Caraline might have the advantage here.

But that has not proven to be the case so far. As every spell Caraline has tried to cast on her sister has backfired.

Unfortunately my wish for an uneventful full moon didn’t eventuate. I am not sure why Rosana felt the need to go outside. It was far safer inside!!

She seemed drawn to something.

It certainly wasn’t safe out there.

Rosana was interested in something she saw in the sky.

Suddenly she had two zombies to contend with. One of them was Lidya’s old well boyfriend, when did he become a zombie?

Something out there had certainly gained my daughter’s attention.

However her attention was soon captured by a more immediate problem…..


Rosana: My brains…what?? I don’t thinks so,Β  half naked zombie guy!!

After her initial shock she seemed prepared to defend herself. I would have prefered that she run inside….but okay.

Inside I was busily engaged in a pillow fight with Caraline.

She hits hard!!

Bonehilda enjoys the drink at little too much sometimes…..

A game of tag when one is heavily pregnant is not a good idea. Jolene certainly had the advantage here. Oh, and look. Rain. πŸ˜€

Arrela still likes to fairy trap the house…. I was the unfortunate victim this time. 😦

And Caraline has discovered the Smustle. I think it is one of the funniest things I have ever seen.

Jolene and Caraline’s relationship is…progressing?


Caraline: I’m doomed! She’s totally evil!! *blank stare*

The event that Rosana had narrowly avoided the other day when it was interrupted by a Zombie attack finally took place.

Rosana: What is that? I don’t…… AHHHHHHH!

I really not sure how she felt about her first alien encounter as she never talked about it..

Though sometimes she produces drawings that suggest she does remember it.

Eventually that time came again. I was ready to welcome my new babies to the household.

First born, yet another daughter Tylin. Tylin is a excitable genius. I think my father’s eye colour is perfect with the rest of her father’s colouring.

Her twin I named Beslan, he is both Artistic and Athletic and recieved his father’s eye colour.

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8 thoughts on “Flying Without Wings

  1. Aww Caraline and Jolene are so cute, I can’t believe all her spells back fried, good thing the teens are getting along. The twins look cute, Beslan has huge green eyes!

    • Jolene and Caraline were a lot of fun. Cara was having extremely bad luck with her spells, they backfired every single time lol. The newest twins are adorable. I was really happy with both of them. Of the two Beslan is the most like his dad, feature wise anyway. πŸ˜€

  2. Tylin and Beslan look adorable πŸ™‚

  3. Oooh, Beslan and Tylin are sweethearts! :3 I really love their colorings! And I enjoyed reading about the other kids’ fun and weird moments. lol I should totally try out the wishing well thing you did with Jolene and see what happens.

    • They are. πŸ˜€ I loved how they turned out. So often I get unlucky and they get all of Lucia’s/or her father’s colouring, this time it all worked. Rhuarc’s eye colour with the rest of Corey’s colouring works together perfectly. Sometimes I just love grandparent genes. πŸ˜€

      Love that all of the well babies are evil. Makes it so much more fun.

  4. Beslan and Tylin are adorable! πŸ˜€

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