The Youngs – A Multi Generation Photoshoot.

A couple of weeks ago I rounded up all my heirs, past and present, and had a little photoshoot. I just realised that I didn’t share it on any of my story blogs. It now feels like this would be the best place to post them. I will probably post them with their specific challenge too, but for the moment here they are.

Lucia, my Current BC heir didn’t get her own BC generation pic, but I’m sure she doesn’t mind sharing with Eldrin and Ravashi. They are her babies after all.


The first one is the What they wished for… family line. It is a two heir wishacy but at present only one of the heirs from each generation has had children who have become heirs in the following generation. So that’s why both Bodewhin and Owen were not included. With the two current heirs only Zoe had reached YA status, which is why Ryder is missing as well.

Lindsay, Matriarch and Generation One BC Mama; Rhuarc, Generation One BC baby (responsible for introducing that hair and those eyes to The Young Babies); Lucia, current BC heir and mother of two of my challenge founders; Eldrin, Wishacy Founder & Generation Two BC Baby ; Dillon, Second Generation Wishacy Heir and finally current Wishacy heir Zoe.


Current A Young ISBI Family Line. Lindsay; Rhuarc; Lucia; Ravashi, Second Generation BC Baby No. 50 and ISBI Founder and Beatrice, current ISBI second generation heir.


And just because it doesn’t feel right to leave them out, even though they don’t have much to do with Lucia. Toby is Lucia’s cousin but that is about all. 😉

Lindsay, Marin, First Generation BC Baby and Founder of The Young Legacy; Toby, Second Generation Legacy Heir and current heir Jonah.

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5 thoughts on “The Youngs – A Multi Generation Photoshoot.

  1. All the pics are gone. 😦

  2. How cool that your hubby creates sims, too. He did a great job with Rhuarc! 😀

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