Rocking Horses and Fairy Houses

While Lidya had been busy making wishes at the wishing well , I had been inside training Rosana and Arrela.

I had already managed to complete Arrela’s training so I only had the last of Rosana’s to go.

That evening it was time for the older girls to attend their prom.

For some reason Lidya had not invited Zac to go with her so the twins had gone together.

While Lidya and Lamelle attended the dance, I took the opportunity -in a almost empty house – to age up the toddlers.

Rosana went first and became eco-friendly

Her sister Arrela followed up soon after, she became a vehicle enthusiast.

Since she has become a child Arrela has spent every possible moment on the rocking horse. She loves it. 😀

When she got home from the dance Lamelle made sure to help herself to a piece of cake, we once again have plenty of leftovers.

I also made sure to purchase this cute little fairy house for Arrela, she sleeps there about half the time.

That evening I decided to try out the new club that I had found on the internet.

While I was there I met Avery Drake.

Avery was obviously a fairy and he even transformed into his tiny form to surprise me.

After getting to know Avery a little better I asked him back to the house.

While there I convinced him to become the father of my next babies. 🙂

A/N: Avery Drake was created/donated by Nyrakick, Avery was the first daddy in her new baby challenge Doll Marine and 100 Baby Plums.

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