Marli, Mikhel and Kennar Leave Home

The triplets are planning to move out tommorrow. While waiting Mikhel is trying out sculpting; not sure if he will have time to finish this piece but he is going to try. 🙂

Marli is busy watching TV.

I discussed the move with Kennar.

Finally my pregnancy resulting from my encounter with Orin began to show.

I also took the opportunity to fire-proof the fireplace.

Twins Lamelle and Lidya spend some quality time together.

And shortly before the move Lamelle and Mikhel discover they have a shared interest and spend most of the night painting side by side.

Kennar decides that he is funny and engages me in a face pulling contest.

Lidya decides to rub my belly and get to know the soon to be born babies.

We all gathered in the rec area so that younger children could say their goodbyes.

While they were there we took the opportunity to take their final photo.

Afterwards I went out side with the triplets to say my final goodbyes and receive my much needed hugs.

Mikhel made a phonecall to take them to their new home.

I had only just gone back inside when I went into labour. I managed to completely freak out Lidya.

As the sun was coming up I was making my way to the hospital.

Introducing my newest twins. First up Rosana who was born with the traits Athletic and Easily Impressed.

And her twin Arrela  who is both Brave and Neorotic. Arrela was also my first born in game fairy. I had really hoped that she would get her father’s wing colour. I thought it would be genetic, guess not?

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2 thoughts on “Marli, Mikhel and Kennar Leave Home

  1. The new babies are adorable, especially Arrela with those wings. I’ve never seen a fairy baby as I don’t have supernatural 😦

    • Aww, supernatural is great. Especially in baby challenges all those occult types to try out. 🙂 I have to admit that I love the Fairies.

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