Fairy Garden

With the twins aged up to children I once again had a little more spare time. Not much, but enough to take a quiet walk just as it was getting dark. While out on one of these walks I met Orin Drift. He introduced himself by playing a fairy prank.

He was very excited that his trick worked. I wasn’t….

I yelled at him for tricking me

and he apologised profusely.

He told me that he had just moved into the area and was just checking out the local parks and bushland to see what he liked the best.

So far he was happy with the environment that Hidden Springs offered.

I asked many questions about fairies and what sort of powers that fairies possessed.

Orin was kind enough to show me some of his Auras and demonstrated is ability to fly.

It wasn’t long before my mind turned to the possibility of having Fairy Children to add to my growing family.

Thankfully he was intrigued by my destiny and was more than happy to help.

I invited him back to my place and there we conceived my newest children.

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