Lazy Teenage Vampires

It wasn’t long before my pregnancy began to show. I often wondered how much like their other siblings that lived with Del they would be.

To keep myself distracted I worked on finding some more potions. My Logic is maxed but I have yet to learn all of the types available.

My children found ways of keeping themselves entertained. Kennar and Marli both spent time working out.

While Mikhel spent his time at the drafting table creating a beautiful drawing that I hung in the nursery so it would always be on display.

Finally it was time to make my way to the hospital to have my babies.

Del even showed up to help which was nice of him.

At home the kitchen seemed to experiencing an attack of Lazy Teenage Vampires. I really think they should be able to clean this up without any help.

At the hospital I gave birth to two very beautiful little girls. First born was Vampire Lidya who was born with the traits Clumsy and Couch Potato.

Followed by Human sister Lamelle who was born with the traits Artistic and Friendly.

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