Another Day for Birthdays

Even with Desora and Janali moving out there were still seven children in the house. Spending time with them individually was hard but I tried my best.

Each of them spent plenty of time participating in tasks that they enjoyed. Alesinde was enjoying the trampoline. Well, until she fell off… 🙂

Marli had discovered the joy of Plasma Juice.

Joal liked to dance.

Souran and Kennar got to know each other better while Ishara had fun on the gaming system in the garage.

Marli even tried out the doll house, maybe her loner trait was manifesting. No toddlers = extremely quiet nursery.

Souran finally tried out the musical instruments

but he often seemed unsure as to which he enjoyed the most.

It didn’t take long for his like-minded virtuoso sibling Ishara to join him.

Ishara and Souran were out in the garage for hours practising their music.

As night fell Kennar engaged Joal in an energetic game of tag.

While Alesinde continued to spend time outdoors.

This time on the slip’n’slide

and lastly my artistic son Mikhal could be found in front of an easel painting masterpieces.

Needing more room in the house it was again time for some birthdays. The Quads were up first.

Ishara became a Vegetarian and decided she was going to become a Firefighter Super-Hero.

Her sister Alesinde became a Schmoozer and wants to be a Descendant of DaVinci.

Joal became a Hopeless Romantic and wants to be Super Popular.

For his final trait Souran became a Cat-Person and wants to be a Hit-Movie Composer.

Mikhel became a teen and a Technophobe.

Marli became Grumpy.

and finally Kennar received a Good Sense of Humour.

Afterwards the quads organised their moving out picture.

AN: The reason that Kennar looks like a Vampire and Mikhel and Marli do  not in the CAS pics is due to when they were taken, Marli and Mikhel were taken when I was actually up to that in-game and I somehow missed a pic for Kennar. So basically Marli and Mikhel were taken before the SN Patch and Kennar in the last 5 mins. I also realise that there is hardly any pics of them as children. I’m not 100% sure why but they may have been among the missing pics. 😦

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