Birthdays, Lots of Birthdays

With my current toddlers all trained up it was time for some birthdays.

My oldest girls went first with lots of encouragement from the Quads.

It was the twins turn to become young adults. Janali aged up first.

Janali received the Savvy Sculptor trait as her Young Adult trait. She is going to try to become an Illustrious Author.

Desora aged up straight after. Desora received the Dramatic Trait and is determined to become a Home Design Hotshot.

Once the twins aged up it was the Quads turn.

It soon became a race to see who would become a teen first.

Ishara aged up into a beautiful teen receiving the Nurturing Trait.

Alesinde also became a beautiful teen rolling the Savvy Sculptor Trait.

Joal received the Frugal trait when he became a teen.

Souran became a loner.

The triplets were next, Marli joined her older brother by becoming a loner.

When Mikhel aged up he became Rebellious.

and finally our last birthday of the day. Kennar received the Perceptive trait.

After everyone had their birthday Desora and Janali organised their leaving home picture. It turned out lovely.

Afterwards, the girls and I congregated on the front lawn to say our goodbyes. Our household was a little full at the moment and they were keen to get out on their own.

I will miss my girls. 🙂

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