With Artur and Luthair having left home it was time to go out and find the next father.

At a local eatery I ran into Antony Prewitt.

This time I recognised the signs. Antony was a vampire.
After my experience with Giovannni and having two sons who are vampires I wasn’t really worried.

I decided to inform him of what I was after.

Thankfully he didn’t seem at all worried about my revelation.

After a while I invited him back to my place, which he accepted.

When we got back to my place I invited him upstairs to my room and got to the business to baby making. 🙂

A/N – I somehow managed to lose the pics for this chapter and part of the next one. So the ones featured here are just ones  that I quickly took when I realised what was missing.  It’s still missing some and I think that the lost ones were soo much better.

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