Activities and Toddler Training

At home events settled into the normal routine.

Alesinde could often be found outside playing in the sandpit.

She loved being outside all the time.

Ishara also enjoyed spending time outside, she liked the Spring Riders.

Joal decided to stay inside and play a little chess.

Souran got caught up on his homework.

While Desora enjoyed her athletic trait.

Janali spent some alone time in the deserted rec room.

I tried to explain some chess moves to Joal but I got the impression that I wasn’t telling him anything he didn’t already know.

Later that night I went into Labour.

Introducing Marli Young, born with the traits Athletic and Loner.

and her brother Kennar Born with the traits Athletic and Clumsy.

and finally Mikhel born with the traits Friendly and Artistic.

I quickly started on the triplets training.

I taught them all to talk,

walk and of course go to the potty.

Kennar along with his siblings soon showed that they were not ordinary toddlers and were in fact vampires like their father.

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