Quad Training

With four new babies in the house things where a little chaotic.

Training still needed to be completed so I got started. Four babies to train at once could take a while.

Souran was first with the walking training.

He did well and I made sure to get all his talking training done while his siblings were sleeping.

Alesinde thought it would be fun to play peek-a-boo in the toy box. Isn’t she adorable?

Ishara soon learned to talk. Her first word was her sisters name which was impressive.

Alesinde learnt to talk next.

Afterwards I got her started on walking training as well.

Finally I got a chance to teach Joal how to talk as well and after training the quads for a couple of days I had finally completed their training.

With the quads trained it was time to have some birthdays.

First up were Desora and Janali.

Janali received the bookworm trait.

When Desora aged up and received the Artistic trait.

Soon it was the quads turn.

Ishara received the No Sense of Humour.

Souran received  the Neat Trait.

Alesinde received the Friendly Trait.

and finally Joal received over-emotional trait.

After everyone had their turn at the cake I decided to get everyone together for a family picture.

BR. Souran, Lucia, Ishara, Desora and Alesinde. FR. Artur, Luthair, Joal, Janali and Stray Cat.

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