Toddler Training

Once again Artur is busy ruling in the kitchen.

He never seems to stop, it is by far his favorite activity.

He is getting very good at it too. Check out that face.

Once again my teenagers helped out with their younger siblings. ❤ Chimal feed Janali, while Ravashi was on cleaning duty. Of course. 😉

When Janali had finished eating I got started on her toddler training.

Occasionally taking a break when she got tired or just because I wanted a cuddle.

Ravashi spent some time with Desora.

After which she retired to the girls room to catch up on her reading.

Potty training was going slow,

Even Chimal was helping out with the toilet training.

Desora had taken a liking to her new doll.

Finally walking training with Janali.

How adorable is that pic? Love it. 😀

Ravashi was the poor unsuspecting victim of the computer booby trap. Tuon’s fault again, I think?

And finally I had my youngest twins trained up and ready for birthdays.

Desora went first becoming another of my children to inherit my clumsy trait.

Followed by Janali pictured here in sim form, she received  the bookworm trait.

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