After my recent outing to find the newest Baby Daddy things around the house quieted down.

I spent the time expanding my mixology skills as I waited on my expanding stomach.

I still don’t think that I am getting any better at this.

Artur still thought he was the one true king.

He was busy ruling the table along with Luthair and Tuon.

Finally my baby bump began to show.

The girls helped out around the house.

While in the nursery Chimal was once again being attacked by the nursery spirit.

She decided soon after that she was safer working out in the rec room in her swimwear..

Soon it was time for me to go to the hospital to welcome my newest babies into the house.

I was pleased that Russ came to meet his children.

While I was busy at the hospital the triplets got ready to go toΒ the Prom. Chimal decided that after wearing her formal outfit everywhere else that she needed to wear something else…..

When I finally made it home I immediately aged up my newest babies.

First up Non-Ghost Desora who is Easily Impressed and Athletic.

And her twin Ghost Janali, who was born with the traits Loner and Excitable.

Here she is in non-ghost form with what must be her Dad’s hair colour, also both of them got my Dad’s eyes and Desora also got his hair.

AN: Any one who happens to have know where I get the names for my sims in my baby challenge will know why I found the pic of Artur, Luthair and Tuon highly amusing. Just had to add that πŸ˜›

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4 thoughts on “Fifty-Fifty

  1. Your names are very unique. Where do you get them from? Your comment above made me curious. πŸ™‚

    • I get the names for all the kids from a fantasy series called The Wheel of Time. In most cases, the names of each set of Lucia’s twins, trip etc are somehow linked to each other in the book. For example- Tuon, Ravashi and Chimal are the names of sisters with Tuon being the current heir to the throne of her country. Artur is basically their most famous ancestor and Luthair was one of his sons who eventually became a ruler in his own right and whom Tuon descends from.

      So each set are either just from the same country, same race, siblings, dating or married or something similiar. It makes it so much easier when I’m trying to sort out names. πŸ˜‰

      • Cool. Thanks for sharing. When I play my regular games, I always find myself thinking too much about what to name babies. For my challenge, I made myself an alphabetical list of boys and girls names. Each birth has to start with the next letter of the alphabet, and if the babies are twins, triplets, etc., they all have to start with the same letter. πŸ™‚

      • I have one story with a naming theme like that. The ISBI, I’m trying to go alphabetically using more traditional names. πŸ˜€

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