Rebellious Teens, Booby Traps and Scary Kings

The book that I have been writing has not been going well.

but it was nice to have the children around while I tried to write it and od course I don’t have to clean the house at the moment because Ravashi can do it with a wave of her  hands. So helpful. ❤

Artur tried out his ruling skills.  He seems to be doing okay, maybe not as good as his namesake but still…okay. 🙂

It seems that I may have been right to blame Tuon for the computer booby trapping.

because here she is setting up another one at the same computer.

Her triplet sisters on the other hand have been pursuing more relaxing activities. Ravashi has been busy reading.

While Chimal has been out in the Rec area playing video games in her formal wear.

Tuon and I decided to stare at something interesting on the floor. I’m not sure what but it must have been interesting. 😉

We then decided to talk about it.

Tuon suggested it was good enough to write about. I’m sure she’s right.

I decided to see if I could draw it on the new drafting table I had but into the newly extended rec area. I had an eccentric child in the house after all so we added some new activities that we had never had before.

Chimal decided to show the Paparazzi just how crazy she is by dancing to the music coming from the floating music system that has been there forever. 🙂

He soon walked away.

After ruling the boy’s room for a while,

Artur decided that he needed to scare the sister that had dared to enter his domain.

He’s looking a little bit scary here, just look at that face.

The scare was carried out flawlessly, of course.

Tuon was very scared and I can’t bring myself to be sorry for her considering what we all witnessed her doing at the park a couple of updates ago. 🙂

We still have three rebellious teens in the house. ARGH!

Booby traps have been popping up all over the house.. This time Chimal it was getting in on the act. 😦

Since none of the children had tried out the new scrap table yet, I decided to give it a go.

Ravashi went home with a friend.

Obviously not a very good friend look at that face. O_o

Looks like she’s at one of the Vanderburg’s homes not sure which one but I don’t think it’s going to matter as the two of them do not look like they are doing a good job at becoming friends.

That evening we had a repeat of how we got our favorite haunting pet, aka Stray Cat. ❤

Unfortunately afterward the gravestone went missing so we won’t have two haunting kittys. 😦

I decided to have a bit of a chat to death afterwards, who knows that may come in handy someday.

Afterwards I had to go and watch a particularly riveting program on our television.

Luthair decided he was a princess in a castle out in the treehouse, which was..interesting. 🙂

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