Mixed Results

It’s fairly quiet in the House at the moment.

Aisha has taken a liking to a new instrument.

Chimal concentrated on her homework.

Tuon,  like Chimal is also beginning to try out her Athletic Trait.

Aisha has also been helping out with the new toddlers Artur and Luthair.

Ravashi has also been spending time in the nursery.

She has also been testing the extent of the Genie powers that she inherited from her father.

Meanwhile I have been trying to get the boys toddler training completed.

Toilet Training for Artur,

and talking for Luthair.

With five teenage girls and one male IF turned real in the house things have been a little all over the place, Valera has been testing out some video games.

Chimal had also been working out. Not sure why she insists on doing it in the kitchen though. We do have a gym….

Ravashi on the other hand,

has been helping keep the house tidy. I ❤ Genie Powers. 😀

I do think that she sometimes thinks that she is being taken advantage of however.

I finally got a chance to start Artur’s walking training.

Training seems to be taking forever this time around.

Valera did a bit of skilling on the guitar,

and soon found an interested audience in Chimal.

Tuon who seems to have been missing for most of this update thus far has been having a little bit of trouble with her homework.

but when she does get a break she has been spending a lot of time on the Slip’n’slide.

Sometime she has better results with the slide than she does on others.

A unsuccessful slip’n’slide moment…

A successful slip’n’slide moment. 😀

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