A Day at the Park

We all hadn’t gotten out of the house for a while so we decided to visit the local park.

Chimal had brought along the nursery spirit and was busy trying to tame it….

Ravashi gave Artur a tickle which he enjoyed immensely.

There were also a few unexpected family members at the park. Including Bain and the triplets father Rudy.

It was fun to just hang out and not worry about training or finding another father.

Rudy took the  chance to show off to his only daughter to inherit the Genie Gene. I’m not sure how impressed she was as Ravashi has been able to float for ages. 🙂

Tuon took the opportunity to scare Valera.

It worked. 😉

Bain was shocked by how mean her little sister could be.

Other family members at the park included Gaul, Owein (who appears to have changed his hair) and Chiad.

Ravashi decided to show her father that she had mastered the floating thing all by herself.

While I got to spend a little time with Bain and Chiad’s tiny puppy.

And then I noticed something that was sure to cause problems between Bain and Chiad at some point.

Rudy had given Bain flowers earlier during the day but was currently busy flirting with Chiad….. Oh Dear!

The next morning with every one rested and trained I decided it was time for some birthdays.

Artur went first,

followed by Luthair.

Artur received the neat trait for his birthday.

Luthair received the Eccentric Trait. The first child in this baby challenge to receive this trait. 😀

Then it was time Aisha and Valera and Aisha’s IF Jasper to become Young Adults

Aisha received the Savvy Sculptor trait for her birthday, she wants to become a Descendant of Da Vinci.

Valera received No Sense of Humour for her birthday, she is going to try to become a One Sim Band.

The twins also organsied a photo for me, which I loved of course. 🙂

Aisha also made sure to take a picture with her IF/Boyfriend Jasper.

They also took one in Toy Form,

and also one with Valera as well. 😀

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