A New Family Member

After Royal had left Aisha came outside to cheer me up, as only she could. ❤

While we chatted I gave her a gift, the imaginary friend potion I had made for her earlier.

She was thrilled, and I disappeared inside to let her use it if she wished.

It wasn’t long before Aisha gave her potion to her Imaginary Friend. I think at first thatshe thought that it had failed to work and might even have been hurting Jasper.

She got quite upset.

It didn’t take long for teenage Jasper to be right in front of her and real.

Aisha was so relieved that he was okay that she kissed him, Jasper did not seem to mind.

A day or so I was outside painting when my newest pregnancy revealed itself.

Valera had taking a liking to the instruments in the Rec area.

It was nice to have a game of foosball and listen to your child practising their music at the same time.

Of course  it was soon time for the triplets to become teens.

The idea of having five teenage girls in the house was a little terrifying.

Chimal was first, rolling the Ambitious trait.

Tuon followed becoming a Computer Whiz

and finally Genie Ravashi became a vehicle enthusiast.

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