Goodbye to you

With birthdays finally out-of-the-way for the moment it was time to do a little bit of catching up on some of the activities that had been postponed.

Like homework for the children. 😦

Valera was also taking the opportunity to spend some time with Ihvon before he moved out.

Chimal was still planning on becoming empress.

Grandma Lindsay spent some time reading and relaxing.

While I had noticed Aisha’s bond with her imaginary friend had only become stronger since she had become a teenager and was preparing her a potion just in case.

All too soon it was time for my boys to move out and find a home of their own. 😦

Ihvon and Owein both gave me the good-bye hugs that I needed.

Until Owein decided that it was time to make that phone call to take them out of the house.

Aisha’s mood swings, along with the fact that she is crazy….

led to booby traps being set up all over the house.

Valera meanwhile made good use of her smarts by learning to play chess.

Ravashi looked for a good book to read.

While I spent my time missing my boys painting in the backyard.

Unfortunately today is also the day that Grandma leaves us to go back to her youngest children.

The entire household came out onto the front lawn to see her off.

The girls were sorry to see her go. 😦

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2 thoughts on “Goodbye to you

  1. this is good. 🙂

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