Manifestation of Power

With the triplets ages up into children it was time for Aisha and Valera to become teens.

I have to say that cake is looking a little bit ominous….

I think Valera may have gotten a bad cake, I always forget to check them before use. 😦

Luckily grandma was on hand to help us put it out.

After the aging up false start the girls finally became teens. First up was Aisha who received the inappropriate trait.

Followed by her twin Valera who received the Brave trait, which is nice considering the scare that she just experienced with her cake.

Owein continued to embrace his childish trait.

For some reason he always seems to go for the boat. 🙂

Tuon really seemed to love her doll, even though she failed to spend enough time with it as a toddler for it to become real.

With my boys about to become Young Adults it was decided that we need to get a new family picture. I think this one turned out particularly nice. 🙂 It also shows that my household is currently experiencing a rather serious plague of grandparent hair. 🙂

Afterwards the girls decided to be a little dramatic. Ravashi finally tried out her Genie powers, the only one of the triplets to inherit the Genie Gene from her father.

She can clean the entire house with the click of her fingers, and can even cook the entire family a meal in seconds. ❤

Tuon was busy practising for the day that she would become Empress. ;p

She was very convincing.

Finally the boys were ready for their cake.

Ihvon aged up more handsome than I expected. He became a Hopeless Romantic and decided that he wanted to build an ark.

Owein aged up pretty much as expected, still very much  like his maternal grandfather. He became Family Orientated and wants to become a Jack-of-all-Trades.

Afterwards they got their Young Adult picture done. Soo Handsome. Considering their final rolled traits I expect lots of Grandbabies from these boys. ❤

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