Genie Babies, maybe?

My newest babies all arrived safely. 🙂

Introducing Chimal who was born with the traits of Insane and Athletic.

Tuon was born with the traits Loves the Outdoors and Evil.

and finally Ravashi who was born with the traits Genius and Light Sleeper. Triplets and all girls. 😀

Of course with triplets I got started with their training as soon as it was possible.

With toddlers in the house once more Owein started spending more time in the nursery once again.

Chimal learnt to walk fairly quickly.

but I could already tell that her skin colour was one of the few things she had received from her father.

Tuon had received her hair colouring from me and surprisingly she has the same coloured eyes as her great-grandmother,

something that hasn’t been in this line of the family since Lindsay herself. ❤

Grandma has trained over a hundred of her own children and she is very good at it.

With the extra pair of hands helping train my newest girls training was finished quicker than I could have believed possible. So we decided to age them up because they were ready.

Chimal rolled the angler trait for her birthday.

Tuon became the second of the triplets to take a liking to athletics.

and Ravashi developed the Loner trait.

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3 thoughts on “Genie Babies, maybe?

  1. Wow cute!!!!! Where did you get Ravashi hair for both toddler and kid?

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