Thanks Gran…

It seems that Lindsay also had another surprise up her sleeve….

I only discovered it after I tried to clean the lamp that she had given me.

I know my grandma and there is only one reason that she would be bringing me a lamp that a man with blue skin came out of.

Wow, Gran a loser Genie, thanks soo much…..

He obviously thought this display was impressive, and it was but I wasn’t going to tell him that. His stare is completely freaking me out….

Of course I had this genie right here in front of me so it only made sense to make a wish.

Rudy also came across as extremely needy, after granting my wish (for wealth I think) he wanted a hug. 😕

He started flirting with me until I stopped him by making him get back in his bottle. This Genie is super creepy…

Eventually I did let him back out of his bottle. Afterall I do get three wishes and I have only used one so far.

After I had received my second wish I let him flirt a little more and even let him kiss me.

Until finally I decided to let this event reach its obvious conclussion but joining Rudy in the shower. I’m a BC mother after all, and GENIE BABIES!!!!!

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