Surprise Visitor

The next day just as the children left for school I got a surprise visitor, Grandma Lindsay! 🙂

Unfortunately she came with bad news, her husband Liam had passed away.

With over One Hundred children and more than twice that in grandchildren/great-grandchildren she had finally settled down with the man that she loved, only to have him cruelly taken away from her.

She had left the four youngest of her children which she had with her husband with Aunty Eldrin and had decided to see how I was going with “My Destiny” ❤

It all made for a rather awkward greeting. I informed her she was just in time for some birthdays, once the kids got home from school of course.

Grandma cheered like crazy when the triplets all aged up into wonderful Young Adults.

And this time I made sure to catch-all of the sparkly moments.

Gaul went first. 🙂

Followed by his sisters, Chiad and Bain.

I had thought that Chiad was one of the prettiest I had seen in my household and then this happened

Bain showed me she was just as gorgeous as her sister. ❤

Okay traits, ;p Gaul became a Perfectionist and he wants to become a Firefighter Superhero.

Chiad decided that she loved Dogs and she wanted to be a Canine Companion.

and Bain became a heavy sleeper and decided that she wanted to have the Perfect Private Aquarium.

The triplets organised a going away picture for me just before we all gathered on the front lawn to say goodbye.

After they finished with the photo it was time to say goodbye to my second set of Triplets.

I loved having these guys in the house so it is sad to see them go. 😦

Finally Bain made the phone call for transportation to their new home.

Note: *I just wanted to add that when I uploaded all of the children from this challenge to my studio that all the kids that got the horrible brown (ie: yellow) default hair like Bain has in the above pics had their hair switched to Lucia’s hair colour. 😉 *Also Liam just passed away in my legacy save which is why I brought it up here, my BC timeline is still a little ahead of my legacy but I expect that will change soon as I am drawing very close to the conclusion of Toby’s Generation. *Toby and Lucia are cousins. 🙂

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