An Adoption

With the toddlers all trained it was birthday time again.

Valera aged up adding Virtuoso as her third trait.

Followed by Aisha who rolled the lucky trait.

Owein had taken a liking to the sandbox,

and often stayed out there for hours.

Chiad spent some time in the rec area watching some television.

And finally I gave into my RL kids and got my BC kids another dog.

This is Prince,

and this is Suzie.

Ihvon’s animal lover trait is probably the reason I gave in and decided to adopt some more animals, unfortunately there is a good reason why I usually avoid getting any pets. Does anyone remember Nacho?

This is NOT going to end well. 😦

To be fair I did try, Ihvon was good with them. He at least fed them and played with them occasionally.

I tried to play with them,

and discipline them.

and bathe them.

 But there are seven kids in this household at present and sometimes it hard keeping up with them. Oh hey Gaul, Long time no see. 😛

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