Early Birthdays

Soon after the newest babies were born Ihvon and Owein asked if they could have their birthdays a little early. I eventually agreed.

Owein aged up looking like a clone of many of the young children to be born before him. His facial structure is 100% Young. 🙂 He received the childish trait. Hmm, no longer sure if the early ageups were a good idea but oh well. :/

His twin Ihvon aged up as well another of my sons to take after his father. He received the Frugal trait.

Meanwhile in the nursery Valera is busy looking adorable,

while I get started on teaching Aisha her skills.

Looks like she has nearly got this walking thing worked out.

It didn’t take long for Owein to embrace his new trait and find the nursery toy box.

Kinda of wondering who is the most mature here? Genius Aisha or Childish Owein. They look like they are having fun though.

Bain was outside having fun with a more age appropriate activity.

Finally Owein left the nursery and found himself on the drum set.

Looking at the expressions on Chiad’s face however makes me worried about what he is playing however.

Chiad continues to struggle with her homework.

I just want to say that I love how Chiad looks, so happy that she seems to be very different from a lot of the kids that have been born in this household.

Aisha had taken twice as long as Valera to train, Valera as a result has been spending a lot of the time training up on the pegbox and other activities.

Aisha was still learning to talk.

She was a bit all over the place sometimes learning very quickly, sometimes not. 😦

Valera of course managed to learn everything in half the time of her sister.

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One thought on “Early Birthdays

  1. Chiad is very pretty. 🙂

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