An Old Family Friend

With Shaiel and Janduin both becoming young adults they are now old enough to move out on their own.

Of course an early morning workout is always a nice way to start the day,

before sitting down to a breakfast of leftover cake with the youngest twins in the house.

They finally decided that it was time to leave, making sure to give me some much-needed hugs before they did so. Shaiel may have been a moody little miss while she was in the house but I will still miss my little mini me. 🙂

Jandiun also made sure to give his mum a hug. After they left and because I now had some room in the house I decided to follow-up on some information given to me by my grandmother.

My Aunt Bodewhin’s old imaginary friend had recently moved into town, and I decided to look him up.

We got along well.

I only hoped that this time I would have more luck with my children’s genetics. 1/4 kids with the IF gene so far, and not one of them had received their father’s unusual hair colours.

Because we were out of the house, Jelly Bean suggested we try out the karaoke machine.

It was a lot of fun.

Of course Jelly Bean was a far better singer than I was.

When I thought that he may have had enough of my screeching I invited him back to my place.

Being an Imaginary Friend raised in my grandmother’s household he was well aware of what I was after.

Babies! and he didn’t seem to mind helping me out with that.

Of course there is no need to rush these things.

and I made sure to give him a massage

and lots of kisses.

Before we finally got to the business of baby making.


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