Death In the Family

With the newest twins fully trained it was birthday time in the Young household.

Chiad went first becoming a beautiful teen, receiving the Brave trait.

Bain also aged up beautifully, identical to her sister except for her hair. Bain received the Angler trait for the teen trait.

And finally Gaul aged up into a teen and  received the Virtuoso trait.

Birthdays were interrupted when I received the sad news that my younger sister Amelia had passed away. I admit it was a shock, I looked the same as I had when Amelia had moved out but she had aged and finally Death had taken her.

Bain especially mourned the death of her Aunt.

She took the news really badly,

and mourned for days while my other children seemed to recover quickly.

It even led to her acting out and planting booby traps all over the house.

Shaiel and Chaid were even in the same room when some of the booby traps were placed and both failed to notice.

We finally got back to the aging up of the youngest members of the household.

Owein went first receiving the workaholic trait.

Ihvon also aged up and became an animal lover.

Finally it was time for Shaiel and Janduin to become Young Adults.

Chiad cheered them on.

Pulling some of the best faces I have seen in ages. 😀

Shaiel of course continued to be a near clone of me, and in Young adulthood it was extremely noticeable. She received No Sense of Humour as her final trait and decided to try to become CEO of a major corporation.

Janduin of course looked like his father, he also became family orientated and decided he wanted to become surrounded by family.

Janduin and Shaiel organised their Young adult Picture and while everyone was still around we decided to get an updated family photo as well. 🙂

BR: Gaul and Janduin, FR: Chaid, Bain, Ihvon, Lucia, Owein and Shaiel.

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3 thoughts on “Death In the Family

  1. Cute hat!;) Where did you get Chiads hair?

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