Ihvon and Owein

Eventually I made it home from the hospital with my newest arrivals. Twins!

Introducing Owein Young who was born with the traits Clumsy and Virtuoso. Clumsy just like Mummy. ❤

And another son Ihvon born with the traits Good and Grumpy.

After giving the new twins  a little time to settle in, we got started with training toddler skills.

Starting with potty training for Ihvon and walking for Owein.

Bain now seemed to be the one in a bad mood. 😦 Hopefully all she needs is a good nap.

Gaul got to work on his homework.

Shaiel spent a fair bit of time on the phone with one her siblings. I forget which one exactly, my bad. 😦

Owein took a fair bit of time to train in both potty training and talking.

Gaul decided that haniging out beside a building pretending to be car nearly on top of two people flirting with each other was a good idea.

I am extremely happy that Shaiel is getting over what put her in such a bad mood before.

She even spent some time in the nursery helping with training.

Ihvon really enjoyed the attention he was getting from his sister.

After Shaiel left for school Ihvon I finished off the last of Ihvon’s training.

* This one is fairly boring I know but thankfully I am now getting fairly close to where I am up to in Lucia’s save so that should help in the future. 🙂

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