Grumble Bum

The time between when my older kids leave the house and the new babie’s arrive has always been a quiet time for me.

I try to use it productively.

Sometimes some  training works out better than others. As you can see my mixology is currently getting very mixed results.

I also worked out this time that here I am a supposedly charismatic sim, with virtually no charisma… I really should have that maxed by now.

How had that happened? I decided to take a course to get started.

Afterwards I practised giving speeches in the mirror.

The kids seem to take their que from me in these quiet times. Working on their own skills without being asked. Chiad has been creating artwork to rival mine in the backyard.

While Janduin has been making use of the gym, I’m happy that he is working out there rather than in the living room like some of the children have done.

Bain’s been cooking in the toy oven, it came out a burnt mess but she can only improve.

The only one not cooperating has been Shaiel. She hasn’t been happy of late. I really hope that this will improve soon.

Janduin and Gaul have been bonding which is nice. Brother’s should be close.

Okay, I’m feeling really bad because I’m not 100% sure who this kid is? I know he’s related to me, I mean the hair? but….. *goes to look at grandbaby pics* Connor Ruiz-Chesterfield. Kirstian’s second child. Ooh, that’s nice his hair skipped a generation.

Anyway, I spent some quality time with my grandson so that’s always nice and something I don’t get a chance to do enough of. 🙂

Later that night the side effects of my encounter with Keith were playing havoc with my stomach. My newest bump should be arriving soon.

Shaiel still wasn’t happy but as long as she was actually doing her homework I was going to leave it alone.

It was while I was working on my cooking skills and filling the fridge with some leftovers that my newest Baby made itself known.

Shaiel = Still not happy. 😦

I was still busy working on leftovers, they will come in handy when I am busy with the new arrivals.

And here we are with the Young Zombie Army, taking over Hidden Springs like a plague. I count 1, 2, 3 ….eight. 8/11. Nine if you include the grandchild that Aviendha is holding.

No, no, no. Janduin you need to be in the gym NOT the Living Room. 😦

And here we are with the grumble bum of the house,

Working on homework, and still not happy. 😦 I’m starting to suspect this girl has the grumpy trait.

After checking it’s Janduin that has the grumpy trait. Shaiel has the No Sense of Humour and Loner Traits. Guess that could do it?

Meanwhile Chiad was just getting on with hers,

and so was Janduin. no complaints, no grumbling. ❤

 Ah yes, I’m heading out to the hospital. It’s Baby time. 🙂

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